Production sites

Production sites

Reliable remote monitoring

With production site monitoring solutions, you can always keep an eye on your system state.

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Production sites for oil or gas can be very different depending on the geology, geography, material to be conveyed, and quantity. In addition, they can be located several kilometers from each other: often neither cables nor GSM networks are available. Older production sites are not usually equipped with monitoring systems and this results in expensive servicing.

Phoenix Contact offers robust complete solutions for digitalizing the oil field, either for retrofitting (brownfield) or new installation (greenfield). This enables reliable and cost-effective monitoring and diagnostics even over large distances.

Your advantages

  • One contact partner for digitizing the oil field, thanks to scalable complete solutions
  • Secure communication, thanks to encryption technology suitable for many transmission paths
  • Efficient and cost-saving maintenance with concepts for mobile or distributed system access

Production site monitoring

Remote Terminal Unit for monitoring production sites with autonomous power supply  

Scalable turn-key solution for monitoring production sites

Remote Terminal Units, or RTUs, are an essential aspect for remote monitoring of production sites. Thanks to complete solutions from Phoenix Contact, you considerably improve your access, for example, to pump stations.

The production and availability of the system is therefore more transparent because maintenance can be performed according to requirements.

Secure networks

Secure network technology with Radioline wireless module  

Safe transmission of signals with the Radioline wireless module

Depending on the technical and geographical requirements of your production site, Phoenix Contact offers you reliable and above all, safe solutions for data transmission to and from the control room.

From wireless systems with proprietary protocol via 3G modems with security router and VPN technology right through to SHDSL modems, if the infrastructure provides corresponding cables.

Remote diagnostics

Ex area-approved tablet for monitoring production sites  

Ex area-approved tablet for monitoring production sites

Access your production site from any location and at any time for flexible diagnostics of the system condition. For example, you can use the Visu+ mobile app with an ex zone-approved tablet or smartphone to access information from your production site.

This provides efficient operating and monitoring solutions for your service personnel.

Networking the digital oil field

Production sites often constitute an extensive and widely meshed network. At Phoenix Contact, you will find communication solutions based on Radioline wireless modules for reliable data transmission even over several kilometers.

Radioline also allows fast setup of mesh networks, directly on the device using a thumbwheel or USB stick. In the event of a fault, failure of a wireless module is compensated immediately.

Networking the digital oil field  

With network technology from Phoenix Contact, network your oil field reliably and safely


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