Hybrid motor starters increase the availability of conveyor belts


Filtration solutions from Hengst  

Filtration solutions from Hengst ensure that motors work more cleanly and efficiently

  • Hengst SE & Co. KG develops and manufactures filtration solutions that ensure motors work cleanly and efficiently in cars, commercial vehicles, and ships.
  • To drive the conveyor belts in the assembly systems, hybrid motor starters from Phoenix Contact are used.
  • Due to the robust design, simple wiring and operation, as well as ten-times longer service life, Hengst has opted for the hybrid motor starters. These increase the availability of the system.

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Filtration solutions from Hengst  

The systems are used in cars and commercial vehicles, among other things (image source: Hengst)

Family-owned Hengst SE & Co. KG was founded in 1958 in Münster, Germany.

Around 3000 employees develop and manufacture high-quality and multi-functional filtration and fluid management systems for cars, commercial vehicles, and ship and stationary motors.

The systems ensure that motors and machines work more cleanly and efficiently.


Production plants  

The production systems are planned, built, and installed in-house

The products from Hengst are produced with extensive manufacturing capability. This ensures independence from external suppliers as well as the highest level of flexibility and quality. The in-house production systems, including software and electrical design, are planned, built, and installed by the company, without exception. This ensures that the systems are up to meeting the applicable requirements, demonstrate a high level of availability, and that maintenance is optimized to suit individual needs.

The quality of the components used in the system, easy operation, as well as the durability of the components is of great significance. With this in mind, Hengst uses CONTACTRON hybrid motor starters from the Phoenix Contact product range to operate the conveyor belts installed in high-quality assembly plants.


Hybrid motor starters in the control cabinet  

Save space in the control cabinet: four functions in one device

The hybrid motor starters start up and make the three-phase induction motors installed in the assembly systems reliable and low-wear. Thanks to the integrated overload function, they also protect the motor in the event of any blockages. Furthermore, they report any errors that occur, like a traditional motor protection relay. If required, you can safely put the drive into standstill mode according to the Machinery Directive and thereby achieve PL e according to DIN EN ISO 13849-1, or SIL 3 according to EN 62061. The hybrid motor starters thereby combine four functions on an overall width of 22.5 mm. A similar design of a more traditional nature would be composed of two contactors for forward and reverse running, two redundant emergency stop contactors, as well as a motor protection relay. The space required in the control cabinet is consequently significantly reduced.

The hybrid motor starter technology from Phoenix Contact combines wear-free semiconductors and robust relay technology that can be controlled by a micro-controller. While the semiconductors perform the switch-on and switch-off processes of the motors, the relay contacts conduct the current without any loss. This results in gentle switching, as well as considerable offloading from the relay contacts. Furthermore, the approach saves on complicated, expensive heatsinks. The service life of the hybrid motor starters is also considerably lengthened, by a factor of ten, when compared to purely electromechanical switching devices.

In addition, the integrated internal load and locking circuit reduces the wiring effort required, as only six connections must be established for the main circuit. On the housing front, the nominal motor current can be set infinitely and the device status can be read out via LEDs. Additionally, errors are reported via the changeover contact to the control center. Installed protective circuits ensure that the devices can switch reliably, even in a harsh environment. Due to the low current consumption of the control inputs, direct control via the PLC is possible.


Alfons Lehmbrock, Project Engineer at Hengst  

Alfons Lehmbrock, Project Engineer at Hengst

Hengst has relied on the electric motor starters from Phoenix Contact for many years now. “The robust design as well as the straightforward wiring and operation were the reasons why we chose CONTACTRON”, reports Alfons Lehmbrock, Project Engineer in the company's engineering department.

The longer service life, increased by a factor of ten, is also advantageous, as Hengst works with high switching frequencies. Consequently, maintenance cycles are lengthened significantly and the availability of the system is increased. The hybrid motor starters, which are ideal for motor types with a power of up to around 3 kW, are also suited for use in small freight lifts, in addition to conveyor belts.


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