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Play it safe with Ex

Play it safe with Ex

The range of PCB terminal blocks and plug-in connectors with Ex approval is specially designed for use in potentially explosive areas.

The Phoenix Contact PCB terminal blocks and plug-in connectors with Ex approval are designed for use in potentially explosive areas. As such, the range meets the requirement for use in process technology, for example.

Your advantages

  • Device design flexibility – thanks to a wide range of products featuring screw and spring connection
  • Suitable for use in a wide variety of applications – thanks to plug-in and non-plug-in products
  • Use in hazardous areas – thanks to approval for increased safety Ex e

Wide range of products with Ex approval

Plug-in connectors with Ex approval  

PCB terminal blocks with Ex approval for increased safety

Choose between plug-in and non-plug-in solutions. In addition, the plug-in connector PCB terminal blocks and headers are designed for wave soldering processes.

The following options for connecting the conductors ensure the necessary flexibility:

  • Screw connection
  • Push-in connection
  • Spring-cage connection

Explosion hazard!

Creation of an explosion  

Explosions can occur when combustible materials, oxygen, and sources of ignition meet.

Highest priority is afforded to the safety of individuals, machines, and buildings and the protection of the environment. The prevention of explosions also plays an important role. Explosions can occur when oxygen, a combustible material, and a source of combustion meet.

The products have component approval according to the IEC/EN 60079-0 and IEC/EN 60079-7 standards, which define the requirements for devices in potentially explosive atmospheres.


Combustible materialGas, vapor, liquid, dust
Protection typeEx e (increased safety)
Equipment groupII
Equipment category2 GD
Equipment protection levelGb (occasional occurrence of combustible materials)
Gas groupIIC (ignition energy < 60 μJ
Additional conditionU (component approval – products cannot be operated alone)

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