Connection technology for power electronics

Powerful connection

Powerful connection

Inject high currents into your device safely using plug-in connectors and PCB and feed-through terminal blocks.

Phoenix Contact offers a complete range of plug-in connectors and PCB and feed-through terminal blocks for high-current applications. The right solution for every application: cross sections from 0.2 to 150 mm², currents of up to 309 A, and voltages of up to 600 V UL/1000 V IEC.

Your advantages

  • Flexible connection options for conductors up to 150 mm² – thanks to screw, spring, and pin connection technology
  • Suitable for use in a wide range of applications – plug-in connectors and PCB and feed-through terminal blocks
  • Safe current transfer up to 309 A – thanks to intensive laboratory tests and high-quality materials
  • Suitable for international use – thanks to UL and ICE/DIN VDE approval

76 A PCB terminal blocks - quick and easy connection

Tool-free connection of conductors  

SPT and PL series with fast connection technology

With fast connection technology, cables of up to 25 mm² are easily connected.

  • With the PL series conductor connection, you can choose between the tool-free “one-hand rocker arm” principle and push-in connection.
  • The SPT series with push-in connection facilitates the fast and tool-free connection of solid or stranded conductors with ferrules of up to 16 mm².

125 A plugged onto the PCB – a new record

Plug-in PC 35 PCB terminal block  

PC 35 plug-in connectors with screw connection

The unique PC 35 plug-in connector for cables of up to 35 mm² transmits currents of up to 125 A to the PCB. Thanks to the low conductor connection insertion and withdrawal forces, the device connection can also be implemented easily in the high performance class.

In addition, thanks to the integrated double flange, the device can be securely fastened to the housing panel.

309 A through panels: easy mounting – secure snapping

Feed-through terminal blocks  

Feed-through terminal blocks with screw, bolt, and push-in spring connection

Reliably route high currents through panels. The choice of connection is yours. The terminal blocks consist of an internal and an external part that snap together without the need for tools.The engagement mechanism ensures a tight fit, however thick the panel.

  • Currents up to 309 A
  • Voltages up to 600 V UL/1000 V IEC
  • Conductor cross sections up to 150 mm²

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