Final assembly

Final assembly

From the marriage to the finished automobile

Solutions from Phoenix Contact ensure precise processes when it comes to the marriage of the car body and the drive train.

In the final assembly, the car body and drive train are brought together in a so-called marriage. Personnel and machinery also mount the seats, cockpit, wheels and windows. A fully tested automobile is then ready to be sold.

Automation solutions from Phoenix Contact support perfect ergonomics and operation in the case of manual installations. They ensure precise logistical and assembly processes with fast, reliable streams of information.

Your advantages

  • Easy maintenance and replacement parts storage, thanks to use of standard products
  • Quality, thanks to visual support for the assembly processes
  • Cost-effective pre-processing of data in process-regulating controllers

Working height adjustment

Switchgear and controlgear assembly for working height adjustment  

Complete solution for working height adjustment

The adjustment of the working height supports optimum installation of components into the vehicle in terms of ergonomics and quality.

Our concepts developed with standard components extend right through to complete control boxes. The complete solution processes station data, adjusts the working height, and is equipped with extensive diagnostics. It is therefore easy to maintain and handle.

User guidance

User guidance via the Designline panel PC  

Panel PC from the Designline range

In order to satisfy every possible order option for a vehicle, displays and systems from Phoenix Contact support the manual installation of components, such as radios.

Panel PCs from the Phoenix Contact Designline series offer powerful technology in attractive, compact housing with all-round IP65-protection.

SQL data coupling for quality data

SQL data coupling  

Processing and archiving of process data in an SQL database

When transporting large quantities of data, reliability and speed are crucial.

For processing and archiving in an SQL database, the controller handles the process-monitoring data on site even without complex middleware. For this purpose, operating data is transmitted directly from the controller to a higher-level database.

Control and communication

In addition to their control function, our small-scale controllers control communication via various IT protocols. For the visualization, for example, the internal web server is used. Files can be written and read via the FTP. Connection to an SQL database is possible with minimal programming effort.

Topology: control and communication during final assembly

Communication and control concept for final assembly


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