Factory infrastructure

Factory infrastructure

Efficient control of resources

Solutions for an energy-efficient infrastructure provide the foundation for cost-effective production.

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  • Solution for light control

    The light control system from Phoenix Contact enables the flexible and easy control of lighting equipment in production and in the office.

The infrastructure of a factory supports the primary production process. With increased requirements placed on energy efficiency, infrastructure is becoming more and more important. Power, water, gas, and heat must be available at the right time, in the right quantity.

Furthermore, the resources used and released in buildings and in production need to be automatically coordinated between the areas. Phoenix Contact supports this with concepts and products tested in the field.

Your advantages

  • Optimum lighting and condition-based energy consumption, thanks to intelligent lighting control
  • Sustainable use of existing resources, thanks to scalable monitoring solutions
  • Energy savings, thanks to standby solutions

Condition-based extraction

Extraction unit in the production hall  

Energy-efficient extraction of harmful gases

Welding gases are damaging to health and must be extracted. To save energy, the extraction system should only be operated when the gases occur during production.

For these requirements, along with small-scale controllers and current transformers, Phoenix Contact also offers retrofittable standby concepts with an extremely fast payback period. They also prevent the extraction of heat energy.

Energy management

Monitoring solutions for energy and power measurement  

Scalable solution for energy and power measurement

Use appropriate energy management to identify great potential cost savings for the cost-effective and environmentally friendly operation of your machines and systems.

A prerequisite for this is the identification of energy flows. Phoenix Contact offers monitoring solutions for energy and power measurement, which can be scaled in line with requirements and enable integration into existing systems.

Light control

Components in the control cabinet for light control  

Complete solution for light control

Light is now used selectively and efficiently where it is actually needed. Save energy by illuminating only the areas where people require light.

Phoenix Contact facilitates planning, startup, and operation of factory lighting using web-based configuration and networking of light control.

Solutions for energy efficiency

From the energy supply, to the building, through to parking lots: a well-designed factory infrastructure is at the heart of automotive production. Phoenix Contact offers sophisticated concepts for this purpose.

Lighting needs are determined and controlled for cross-production area lighting, depending on natural light and production requirements. In the case of extraction units, standby mode ensures efficient use of energy.

Topology: solutions for energy efficiency in the factory infrastructure

Concept for an energy-efficient factory infrastructure


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