Car body construction

Car body construction

In-time production

Solutions based on recognized IT standards enable lean engineering processes and fast product startups.

In car body construction, the widest range of car body versions are constructed without interruption and without influencing the cycle time.

Our special automation solution with communication-capability ensures the optimum flow of information for high productivity, flexibility, and quality in manufacturing. Network products and controllers from Phoenix Contact work with recognized IT standards. This pays off during integration into the engineering processes and ensures fast product startups.

Your advantages

  • High productivity and observed cycle times, thanks to fast process handling in the controller
  • High integration capability and independence, thanks to open standards in industrial communication
  • Easy integration of the automation solution into your engineering process via standardized interfaces

Operating station

Operating station  

Hardware and software for efficient operation

Even in highly automated production, operation is a decisive factor when it comes to productivity.

In line with your requirements, we work with you to determine individual concepts for operating stations, from the hardware used, right through to the programming and visualization software. In connection with standardized user interfaces, the system ensures maximum ease of orientation.

Software architecture

Screenshot of the application software  

Blocks for a consistent architecture

From planning, to startup, through to safe operation, the consistent architecture of the application software considers the special features of every phase of production.

Phoenix Contact offers various function and visualization blocks based on this architecture. Along with the automatic visualization, you will be offered a cost-effective solution in no time at all.

Reduction of base load

Control over robot cells via a tablet  

Control over resources with PROFIenergy

Pause times are integrated into the robot cells, e.g., during tool change or regular recovery times.

PROFINET controllers from Phoenix Contact allow you to automatically switch off and back on non-required loads or technologically related system parts during periods of no production via PROFIenergy. This saves energy and money.

Automation concept

Recurring joining processes are at the heart of car body construction. The systems are separated for the production of certain body shop parts and are protected via firewalls.

Vehicle information is forwarded to the system or cell via Layer 3 switches. Controllers such as the RFC 470S PN regulate the process sequence while simultaneously monitoring protective circuits.

Topology: automation concept in car body construction

Concept for efficient automation in car body construction


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