Areas of application

Areas of application

Technologically leading power supplies

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With our extensive knowledge, we are able to offer power supply solutions with technologically advanced, high-quality products for all applications across a range of industries: supply your systems and machines reliably with our power supplies and protect your loads against power supply failure with our uninterruptible power supplies. Thanks to our redundancy modules, you can also maximize the availability of redundantly operated power supplies and adapt signaling thresholds and characteristic curves with the QUINT POWER power supply by means of the integrated NFC interface to meet the individual needs of your system.

Discover how innovative technology from Phoenix Contact can help ensure superior system availability of your machines and systems in the following application examples

ACB Technology – active redundancy module for superior system availability

Active redundancy module with ACB Technology  

ACB Technology doubles the service life

In applications with the highest demands regarding operational reliability, redundant power supply solutions are implemented to ensure that the failure of a power supply unit does not result in system downtime. As a result of asymmetries, the load is often supplied by one power supply unit, while the other runs in no-load operation. This results in a thermal load on the working power supply unit and therefore rapid aging. If the power supply unit is operated at half the nominal current, it remains significantly cooler.

The ACB Technology of the QUINT ORING modules ensures symmetrical loading of the power supplies and thereby up to double the service life of the redundant system.

IQ Technology – intelligent UPS system for superior system availability

UPS system with IQ technology  

With IQ technology, you are one step ahead

If an industrial PC has to be consistently supplied with 24 V DC, the UPS with 3.4 Ah buffers, in a standard solution, 24 V DC/5 A for 20 minutes, under optimum conditions. Charging state, performance and remaining runtime are unknown.

However, with the intelligent UPS with IQ technology, you can ensure the stability of the supply and optimum use of the energy storage device at all times. It determines all relevant energy storage states: the intelligent battery management detects the current charging state and calculates the remaining runtime. The QUINT UPS indicates whether the remaining buffer time is actually 20 minutes. As soon as an adjustable threshold value is reached, a warning message is sent via the floating relay contact, the software or directly to higher-level controllers.

NFC for custom parameterization

Configuration of a QUINT POWER power supply (via NFC)  

Customized power supply, thanks to configuration via NFC

Each application is unique and requires an individual power supply for maximum system availability. With QUINT POWER, Phoenix Contact is now offering the first parameterizable power supply in the world, which can also be supplied pre-configured on request.

So that every machine and system can be reliably supplied with current, the new power supply can be flexibly adjusted. Signaling thresholds and characteristic curves are individually adjusted via the integrated NFC interface to system requirements. Once the power supply has been configured, you can easily transfer the values to other devices via the app or using software.

SFB Technology – superior system availability with QUINT POWER

QUINT POWER with SFB Technology  

Cost-effective selective fuse protection with SFB Technology:

In order to trip standard miniature circuit breakers magnetically and therefore quickly, power supplies must be able to supply several times the nominal current for a short period.

A power supply (24 V/20 A) supplies a controller and three other loads. Each current path, consisting of 25 m long copper wires (cross section 2.5 mm2), is protected by means of a miniature circuit breaker (6 A/B  characteristic). In the event of a short circuit, the 20 A power supply unit supplies 6 times the nominal current for a short period using SFB Technology, i.e., a maximum of 120 A. The circuit breaker is tripped within 3 to 5 ms with ten times the rated current in the magnetic range of its characteristic curve. The other loads continue operating, the controller is consistently supplied with 24 V DC and continues running without interruption in spite of the short circuit.


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