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Fast localization in the event of an error

High system availability and minimal downtimes are essential for more efficient production. Any malfunction must be localized and fixed quickly to significantly reduce the costs of servicing and production downtimes. PLCnext Technology impresses with an integrated, comprehensive diagnostics concept:

Cost-effective device diagnostics – for faults in an individual component, e.g., a controller
Our controllers support convenient web-based management diagnostics with PLCnext Technology, i.e., a web server with pre-configured pages for diagnostics runs on the controllers. This gives you a cost-effective solution, as the additional, expensive diagnostics software for connecting to the web server of the controller is not required. You only need an end device with a standard browser of your choosing, such as a PC or a smart device, and network access. All diagnostics data for the device is displayed in the browser.

Easy system diagnostics – faults in the system, e.g., faults in a production chain
Thanks to PLCnext Technology, the diagnostics data for all controllers can be transmitted to the main control center. The data transfer is performed via a standardized OPC UA interface. Thanks to this standardization, all network participants can communicate easily and directly with the control center, without the configuration costs that are usually incurred.

Convenient application diagnostics – faulty engineering, e.g., errors in the program code
With PLCnext Technology, both programming and diagnostics functions are available to you in your preferred and familiar environment. PLCnext Technology also allows you to continue to use your familiar debugging functions, depending on which tool you as a user feel comfortable with. Whether it is in Visual Studio, Eclipse, Matlab Simulink or PC Worx – conveniently address errors in your application.


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