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Safety in the Cloud

Transmit safety-related data via the Internet to the PROFICLOUD to further increase your operational performance.

Safety in the Cloud
Safety in the Cloud – A new approach for greater efficiency

Safety in the Cloud – A new approach for greater efficiency

Cloud-based applications feature completely new capabilities for bringing people, data, and processes together. Safety-related data also plays an important role here. How?

We will demonstrate how you can further increase your operational performance with our cloud-based safety solution. Secure your competitive edge in a digital world – with the PROFINET-based cloud solution from Phoenix Contact.  

Your advantages

  • Maximum availability, because process and safety data can be accessed at anytime and from anywhere
  • Increased productivity, thanks to the holistic consideration of data, resources, and machines
  • Minimization of disturbances and downtimes, thanks to predictive maintenance
  • Secure and certified communication, thanks to TLS encryption

Cloud-based safety solutions for greater efficiency

Safety in the Proficloud

The ability to access safety system data via the Internet of Things (IoT) in real time and to convert this into meaningful information unlocks enormous potential for you as a system operator or machine manufacturer.

  • Transfer safety-related data to the cloud with cloud devices
  • Combine and monitor process and safety data in the cloud continuously
  • Evaluate collected information on mobile end devices from anywhere and at any time

Cloud-capable secure and unsecure I/Os for the control cabinet

Cloud-capable secure and unsecure I/Os for field installation

Opportunities with Safety in the Cloud

You, as a system operator or machine manufacturer, can improve your operational sequences with the Proficloud solution from Phoenix Contact, for example by analyzing user behavior. Or, you can perform an analysis to optimize the machine design in respect of ergonomics. Furthermore, the real-time data analysis enables predictive maintenance, ensuring that the service life of your machine can be increased through the timely replacement of components susceptible to wear, such as relays.

Application examples

We will demonstrate application examples and new opportunities that a cloud-based safety solution can offer:

You are a machine operator. Your system has a noticeably high level of interruptions.

Production interruptions are triggered via the activation of emergency switching off systems and doors being opened.

Solution proposal with a cloud-based safety solution

An initial real-time data analysis of the cloud-connected door switches and emergency stop buttons shows in which time period which machine was operated and which other process parameters were present. Potential process parameters include throughput and waste, for example.

Take one step further and perform comparative analyses with similarly designed machines or machines of different manufacturers. Furthermore, you can compare the performance of similar machines in various production shifts.

Conclusions regarding faulty design or incorrect operation can be drawn from this, and measures for increasing productivity can be derived.

You are a machine operator. The machine is cleaned or maintained regularly.

You are monitoring the drive speed of your machine, and note that the operating mode changes and the machine is set to a reduced speed. The safety doors, however, remain closed during the setup operation surprisingly often.

Solution proposal with a cloud-based safety solution

The safety-related signals, such as safety door interlocks, acknowledgement devices in connection with operating modes, and safe speed profiles, are gathered in the cloud in real time and made available for analysis. This enables you to perform a plausibility check as a preventative measure against manipulation, for example. 

You are a machine operator. Your system requires frequent maintenance interventions.

Due to the unscheduled, frequent maintenance interventions, safety-relevant wearing components such as relays, valves, and mechanical switches are loaded disproportionately.

Solution proposal with a cloud-based safety solution

If the safety door is opened too often, this could be an indicator that the machine does not function as expected and that a higher level of maintenance is necessary. You, as the machine operator, have the capability of deriving corrective measures. This is because the increased operation of a mechanical door interlock would reduce the service life and have an impact on the original operational life (mission time for the PL calculation). 

You are responsible for monitoring bridges and locks.

Rivers impede direct access to individual systems. Thus, the widely distributed balance bridges and locks are controlled centrally from a control room.

Solution proposal with a cloud-based safety solution

Use our cloud solution as a substitute to cables for safety-related data. You can, for example, monitor bridges remotely, raise and lower bridges, and actuate the emergency switching off system. Also, the monitoring images can be transmitted directly to the cloud and processed there.

PROFICLOUD – The cloud solution for industry

Internet of Things (IoT) with PROFICLOUD  

Internet of Things (IoT) with PROFICLOUD

With PROFICLOUD, Phoenix Contact provides you with an open IoT platform for the efficient integration of cloud-capable automation components and cloud services.

With PROFICLOUD, you can network your production systems securely across different locations. This is achieved by connecting PROFINET networks via the system coupler.

Use turnkey services from our range for this or create your own individual cloud services using our Software Development Kit (SDK).

Protected communication, thanks to TLS encryption

Secure TLS encryption  

Secure TLS encryption

The communication from and to the PROFICLOUD is encrypted with TLS 1.2.

All devices and services connected with PROFICLOUD always establish an outgoing connection. This means that all participants connect to the PROFICLOUD, not the cloud to participants.

This prevents an undesired connection being established from the Internet to the Proficloud participants.


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