The industry standard

The industry standard

You're sure to be impressed: Modbus is versatile and suitable for modular systems, the control cabinet, and the field.

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  • Product list Bus modules
    Bus modules

    Modular bus couplers and block I/O devices with IP20 or IP65/IP67 protection for connecting the I/O level to the Modbus network.

  • Product list Connectors

    Comprehensive range of connectors in various versions for Modbus.

  • Product list Converters and repeaters
    Converters and repeaters

    Converters and repeaters for Modbus networks convert copper interfaces to fiber optics, amplify signals, and create segments.

  • Product list Energy measuring devices and energy meters
    Energy measuring devices and energy meters

    EMpro energy measuring devices and energy meters with MID certification record all electrical variables that are relevant to your energy management. The products communicate via Modbus/RTU or Modbus/TCP and via REST (Representational State Transfer).

  • Product list Fieldbus gateways
    Fieldbus gateways

    Use the Modbus gateways from Phoenix Contact to connect Modbus/RTU devices to the FOUNDATION Fieldbus, PROFIBUS DP, and PROFIBUS PA process fieldbuses.

  • Product list Isolators

    Components for isolating Ethernet networks by means of electrical isolation.

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Modbus has defined several methods for exchanging messages. Choose the right protocol for your application: Modbus ASCII, Modbus/RTU, Modbus UDP/IP or Modbus TCP/IP. The communication protocol has become an industry standard. Modbus is standardized in the IEC 61158 series of international standards and is maintained by the Modbus Organization.

The advantages for you

  • Proven technology that is an industrial standard
  • Link multiple networks easily, thanks to routing capability
  • Remote access via Internet possible – thanks to a dedicated port (port 502)

Modbus gateways for PROFIBUS DP/PA and FOUNDATION Fieldbus

Modbus gateways  

Modbus gateways for future-proof process fieldbuses

Use the Modbus gateways to integrate Modbus/RTU devices to the FOUNDATION Fieldbus, PROFIBUS DP, and PROFIBUS PA process fieldbuses. This enables you to particularly easily modernize and extend your existing systems. You can also use tried-and-tested Modbus devices in new systems.

You can connect up to four Modbus devices to one gateway. This means you get a particularly space-saving solution, at just 6 mm per channel. Installation and startup is executed via conventional software such as Siemens PDM or Pepperl+Fuchs PACTware and is thereby as easy as ever.

Modbus: versatile communication

Numerous variants with Modbus  

Versatile components for Modbus from Phoenix Contact

Benefit from freedom: with Modbus messages are exchanged independently of the lower layers of the ISO/OSI reference model. Exchange is based on a master/slave or client/server architecture.

Numerous variants

  • Modbus ASCII (American Standard Code for Information Interchange) for transmitting ASCII characters
  • Modbus RTU (Remote Terminal Unit) as bit-oriented programming, e.g., for machine building
  • Modbus TCP (Transmission Control Protocol), within the framework of Ethernet, for high-level language applications, also suitable for the laboratory

Modbus TCP is the only industrial communication protocol to have its own dedicated port (port 502): you can link multiple networks easily and have remote access via the Internet.

Modbus: modular and with a block design

Modbus: modular and with a block design  

Modbus: modular and with a block design

Assemble I/O stations individually. With the Modbus/TCP-I/O systems from Phoenix Contact, you can integrate an I/O station and/or I/O device to any position on the network. Corresponding to the architecture of modular systems, the bus coupler is the slave in the Modbus network and the master in the local bus.

With a modular design
Especially robust and simple: Axioline F is the  I/O system of the Ethernet generation from Phoenix Contact and is especially immune to interference, as well as EMC safe. In addition, the robust mechanics of the housing enable the device to be operated, thanks to a housing that can be installed without tools and push-in connection technology.

Maximum flexibility: with the Inline Modular automation kit, form follows function. Design each I/O as requested and save space in the switch cabinet, according to the motto, "plugging instead of wiring".

Modular in the field: I/O devices of the Modular Fieldline series give you all the freedom during field installation - functional and adaptable to your application.

Block design
Compact: The Inline Block IO devices offer a large number of channels in an extremely flat block design, as well as a bus connection and pre-set I/Os. This allows communication in a small amount of space.

The Ethernet specialist: with various housing variants and a great degree of functionality, the Axioline E series in block design for Modbus/TCP always provides an individual solution.

Infrastructure components for Modbus

Infrastructure components for Modbus  

Infrastructure components for Modbus from Phoenix Contact

For the first time ever, an infrastructure kit in copper and fiber optic technology is available with the PSI-REP and PSI-MOS modular repeater concept.

The network structure is optimized by means of potential segmentation. This offers you virtually unlimited options with regard to the network topology.


At the same time, transmission speed and system availability are maximized – thanks to isolated error limiting or redundant installation concepts.

Convert your Ethernet interface to fiber optics with Factoryline media converters from Phoenix Contact: for maximum immunity to interference and maximum transmission ranges in industrial Ethernet applications.

In addition, the Factoryline isolators are used for electrical isolation (up to 4 kV) in copper-based Ethernet networks. You can therefore protect your Ethernet devices and interfaces and significantly increase immunity to interference under industrial conditions.


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