M12 cabling for power applications

M12 cabling for power applications

A great deal of power in a small amount of space

Compact and flexible energy connections for high currents in the field.

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Device connection technology does not just have to be powerful, it also needs to be compact and flexible. The innovative M12 POWER cabling from Phoenix Contact offers maximum power in a compact size.

Your advantages

  • High power transmission for DC or AC applications up to 16 A or up to 690 V
  • Space savings, thanks to the compact M12 design
  • Protection against mismatching, thanks to coded pin connector patterns
  • Advanced Shielding Technology: Extensive 360° shielding for totally reliable EMC protection and robustness – even under extreme environmental conditions
  • Prevent voltage drops, thanks to conductors and connectors up to 2.5 mm²
  • Standardized in accordance with IEC 61076-2-111; approval in accordance with UL 2237

AC applications

AC power connection  

Three-phase motor power connection

The M12 POWER S, K, and M codings are designed for AC applications such as the power connection of a three-phase motor. The M coding also supplies 5- and 6-pos. loads with up to 8 A and 690 V.

DC applications

DC power connection  

Power supply for decentral I/O modules

The T and L codings are used for low-voltage DC applications, such as supplying power to decentral I/O modules or DC motors. The 4-pos. L coding is available with an additional functional ground contact as an option. Up to 16 A can be transmitted at a voltage of 63 V.

Reliable shielding and grounding

Reliable shield connection  

Advanced Shielding Technology

Use a totally protected shield and PE connection in your power cabling. Advanced Shielding Technology from Phoenix Contact optimizes the current design of M12 connectors. Liquid metal that completely encloses the cable shielding during the manufacturing process enables the reliable and safe operation of your systems. The cohesive 360° shielding not only provides improved EMC protection, but also increases performance. The liquid metal also establishes the connection from the PE contact to the metallic-conductive M12 knurl. Advanced Shielding Technology thus ensures greater safety and reduces the risk of fire in the event of a short circuit.


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