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Further information on WLAN 5110

WLAN 5110 – the flexible WLAN solution for the control cabinet

WLAN 5110 installed in the control cabinet  

WLAN 5110 for the control cabinet

WLAN 5110 is a powerful WLAN 802.11n Access Point and client which allows large-area WLAN networks or wireless Ethernet connections to be established over longer distances. Thanks to the integrated cluster management, all WLAN 5110 Access Points in a network can be configured and managed conveniently and quickly via a single web interface. The compact design means that it can not only be used in control cabinets, but also in compact control boxes in the field.

Powerful WLAN IEEE 802.11n module for more range

Longer range  

Increased range, thanks to modern standards and MIMO technology

A powerful wireless signal and the MIMO (multiple input, multiple output) multi-antenna technology in accordance with the IEEE 802.11n standard are decisive for stable, high-speed and reliable wireless communication over longer ranges. This particularly counts under challenging industrial conditions. Even when using WLAN clients with the old 802.11a/b/g standard, the stability and range of the wireless communication improves considerably in almost all cases.

Your benefit: fewer Access Points per area.

Cluster management technology for central configuration

Cluster management technology  

Fast and easy network configuration

The cluster management function integrated into the WLAN 5110 allows all WLAN 5110 access points of a WLAN-infrastructure network to be configured together centrally in a straightforward manner via just one web interface. Thus, all Access Points can be set up in just a few minutes, and integrated into existing networks.

Additional convenience during configuration and maintenance is provided by the mode button and the SD memory card on which, configuration data and the firmware image, etc. can be saved.

Your advantage: fast and easy WLAN-network configuration

Compatible, secure and a wealth of possibilities

WLAN 5110 is secure  

Secure and compatible: WLAN 5110

The WLAN 5110 supports the latest WLAN security mechanisms, including hardware-based AES encryption. All WLAN devices that support the 802.11a,b,g and 802.11n specifications are of course also compatible.

Furthermore, the WLAN 5110 provides additional functions and features that are only effective in combination with another WLAN 5110 or WLAN 1100. Amongst other things, these include the "Fully transparent bridge" mode for layer 2 transparent network communication via WLAN, an optimized multicast handling, e.g. for Ethernet/IP, and additional optimized, higher-speed roaming.

Your advantage: high security and compatibility which is also optimized for industrial applications

External antenna connections for the flexible use of antennas

Suitable antennas for our WLAN products  

Suitable antennas for our WLAN products

Good signal reception is decisive for high-speed and reliable wireless communication. Therefore, the installation of high-quality antennas that are suitable for the respective application is essential. We provide the ideal antenna accessories for every application.

  • Omni-directional antennas for a large-area wireless field in all directions
  • Directional antennas for a unidirectional wireless field over longer distances
  • Leakage cable antennas for track-led applications, e.g. electric monorail systems

Your advantage: ideal signal reception at all times

Compact design – also suitable for control boxes in the field

RUGGED BOX mounting set  

RUGGED BOX mounting set for the WLAN 5110 access point

WLAN access points should be installed in the best antenna location. In most cases, this is not close to a control cabinet. The WLAN 5110 was therefore designed for installation in field-mountable control boxes, also when Ethernet and antenna cables are connected.

With the RUGGED BOX, we provide you with various, robust control box sets with IP66 degree of protection, perfectly harmonized with the FL WLAN 5110. You can use antennas that can be directly screwed on or a power supply unit for 220 V operation. You will always obtain exactly the right Access Point for your requirements.

Your advantage: flexible installation of the WLAN 5110 at the ideal position

Power over Ethernet (PoE) for easy field installation

WLAN 5110 in the control box  

WLAN 5110 supplied with data and energy, thanks to the PoE splitter

Suitable for the WLAN 5110, we provide a Power over Ethernet splitter (PD) for separating power and data in accordance with IEEE 802.3af and IEEE 802.3at. This enables simple and cost-effective Ethernet and power supply cabling via just one Ethernet cable to a remotely installed WLAN access point. The PoE splitter supplies industry-standard 24 V DC and, depending on the type of the PoE supply connected (802.3af/802.3at), 10.5 W or 21.5 W. You will find suitable PoE feed-in modules and PoE switches in our network portfolio.

Your advantage: easy one-cable installation

Wireless communication in Ex areas

WLAN 5110 for Ex areas  

Wireless Ethernet, even in potentially explosive areas

Use wireless WLAN communication even in potentially explosive areas. The WLAN 5110 is approved for use in Ex zone 2. Furthermore, we provide a turnkey solution in a GFK housing with universal power supply AC 100 … 240 V and antenna system for use in ATEX zone 2 (ATEX Ex II 3G).

Your advantages:

  • maximum safety in Ex areas zone 2
  • Fast and reliable data exchange between field level and the control room
  • High-performance communication in large halls and open spaces
  • Increased productivity, thanks to real-time access to maintenance information and network resources from any location
  • Versatile communication infrastructure
  • Can be used in parallel for data, video, and voice transmission

WLAN 5110 at a glance


WLAN standards

IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n

Frequency bands and channels (*depending on country)

2.4 GHz, channel 1-13*

5 GHz: channel 36-165*

Max. data rate (gross)

300 Mbps

Max. data throughput (net)

< 90 Mbps

Operating modes

Access Point, client, repeater

Maximum transmission power

18 dBm

Number of antennas

1 to 2 (external)

You can access the Industrial WLAN products for Ethernet networks here.


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Cluster Management Technology

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