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Modular controllers at a glance

AXC 1050 – perfect for distributed automation

AXC 1050 modular small-scale controller  

AXC 1050 modular small-scale controller

The middle performance class in the Axiocontrol range is the AXC 1050. It is designed for easy handling and use in harsh industrial environments. Together with the Axioline F I/O system, it guarantees an ideal processing speed thanks to direct bus connection.

  • Fast: the USB connection provides fast access, e.g., for diagnostics
  • Robust: with integrated uninterruptible power supply and electromagnetically compatible housing
  • Easy: save wiring time with push-in connection technology
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AXC 3050 – modularity meets strong performance

Modular high-performance controller AXC 3050  

Modular high-performance controller AXC 3050

With faster processors and a larger scope of functions, the AXC 3050 controller represents the top performance class of the Axiocontrol range.

  • Fast: for particularly short response times, counting functions and event tasks are integrated directly into the hardware. This means that no special I/O modules are required.
  • Easy: the USB connection enables easy data logging on exchangeable media and provides a convenient way to update firmware or control programs.
  • Robust: the AXC 3050 is shock-resistant, resistant to EMI, and responds immediately to power failures: it safely stores essential control data on a Flash card.
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ILC 131 ETH – the smallest compact PLC

ILC 131 ETH modular small-scale controller  

ILC 131 ETH modular small-scale controller

The basic controller for your automation system. It enables you to build your system easily and provides comprehensive communication options, thanks to the integrated web server and an Ethernet interface.

ILC 131 ETH/XC – with extended temperature range

  • -40°C to +60°C
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ILC 151 ETH - the best seller

ILC 151 ETH modular small-scale controller  

ILC 151 ETH modular small-scale controller

The ILC 151 ETH offers more memory space than its little brother the ILC 131 ETH. In addition, an INTERBUS remote bus can be mounted or distributed I/Os can be integrated. The controller is therefore also able to handle higher demands in terms of expansion and interfaces.

ILC 151 ETH/XC – with extended temperature range

  • -40°C to +60°C
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ILC 151 GSM/GPRS – the communication expert among PLCs

ILC 151 GMS/GPRS modular small-scale controller  

ILC 151 GMS/GPRS modular small-scale controller

This modular small-scale controller offers all the functions of our best seller, the ILC 151 ETH, plus more memory and an integrated mobile phone modem. It is therefore ideal for remote control and remote maintenance and supports the ReSy+ remote control software.

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ILC 171 ETH 2TX – modular controller with even more options

ILC 171 ETH 2TX modular small-scale controller  

ILC 171 ETH 2TX modular small-scale controller

Maximum flexibility for your automation with two Ethernet ports and a plug-in SD memory card. The controller supports PROFINET device functions and can therefore be used as distributed intelligence.

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ILC 191 ETH 2TX – the most powerful class 100 controller

ILC 191 ETH 2TX modular small-scale controller  

ILC 191 ETH 2TX modular small-scale controller

The most powerful class 100 controller. Thanks to integrated floating-point arithmetic it also provides optimum support for fast control processes.

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ILC 191 ME/AN and ILC 191 ME/INC – perfect for machine building

ILC 191 ME/AN or ILC 190 ME/INC modular small-scale controller  

Modular small-scale controller for machine building

The ME versions of our ILC controllers have been specifically developed for the requirements of machine building, for example, for addressing drives via step motor drivers or frequency inverters.

  • Two-channel drive control without additional I/O components
  • Flexible, thanks to the direct connection of step motor drives and frequency inverters
  • Numerous interfaces already integrated: Ethernet, RS-485/422, PWM or pulse/direction, analog or incremental I/Os, fast counters
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ILC 2050 BI – maximum flexibility for building infrastructure

ILC 2050 BI modular small-scale controller  

ILC 2050 BI modular small-scale controller

The ILC 2050 BI controller offers almost unlimited possibilities in building infrastructure.

  • Functionality can be extended with numerous I/O modules
  • Numerous building technology protocols supported, including BACnet, KNX, LON, Modbus, DALI, M-BUS
  • Optional use as a real-time controller with Sedona Framework™ or as an integration server with Niagara Framework®
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ILC 131 starter kit – for quick entry into the world of automation

ILC 131 starter kit  

ILC 131 starter kit

The ILC 131 starter kit provides an easy introduction to our controllers. Learn about control technology with the aid of a pre-assembled test setup with programmed examples. Then use the PC WORX EXPRESS programming software to create custom solutions.

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ILC 350 PN – the class 300 standard PLC

ILC 350 PN modular controller  

ILC 350 PN modular controller

The class 300 standard controller is optimally designed for use in medium to demanding applications. As a result, you benefit predominantly from the high performance in terms of data throughput and networking.

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ILC 390 PN 2TX-IB – the most powerful class 300 PLC

ILC 390 PN 2TX-IB modular controller  

ILC 390 PN 2TX-IB modular controller

The controller combines all the features of class 300, such as various PROFINET or INTERBUS functions, with high performance and speed.
The PLC is therefore particularly suitable for applications in complex network structures.

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