Connection technology for compact device fronts

More connections in a confined space

More connections in a confined space

Our compact plug-in connectors feature a high packing density, meaning that you have limitless possibilities for designing your device fronts.

Phoenix Contact offers plug-in connectors and PCB terminal blocks for optimum integration into device fronts and housings. In combination with the compact headers, the space-saving locking mechanisms represent new design and development opportunities.

Your advantages

  • Save space – thanks to reduced sizes
  • Easy maintenance – thanks to the Lock & Release system's readily accessible ejection lever
  • Time-optimized connection and disconnection – thanks to push-in connection
  • Additional safety in the event of strong vibrations – thanks to innovative locking systems

Lock & Release – safe and space saving

Lock & Release – safe and space saving  

DFMC plug and DMC housing with Lock & Release

The Lock & Release lever system locks automatically when engaged and features a user-friendly plug-in connector release mechanism. The compact reflow-solderable pin strips can be easily integrated into your SMT process.

  • Design height just 13.25 mm
  • Push-in connection for solid and stranded conductors
  • Conductor cross section up to 1.5 mm²
  • Pitch of 3.5 mm

Front conductor connection – for narrow device fronts

Optimal use of space - thanks to alignable terminal blocks  

Alignable SPT PCB terminal block

The SPT series of alignable terminal blocks offers maximum clamping space with minimum dimensions.

  • User-friendly and fast conductor connection, thanks to push-in connection
  • Generously dimensioned labeling and printing area
  • Conductor cross section up to 2.5 mm²
  • Conductor connection and disconnection from one operating direction

Multiple conductor connection – extremely easy and compact

Two conductors, one potential – extremely easy and compact  

Front conductor connection of two conductors to one potential – with the TVFKC plug

With the TWIN plug-in connector, you can connect two conductors to one terminal point quite easily – and in a minimum of space.

  • Fast connection technology, thanks to tool-free push-in connection
  • Easy, convenient looping through of two conductors per contact
  • Conductor cross section up to 2.5 mm²

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