Wired HART

Smart process devices

In addition to the 4...20 mA signal, the HART protocol also provides you with additional configuration and diagnostic functions, as well as process data.

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  • Wired HART
    Wired HART

    Wired HART components: multiplexers, isolators, surge protection

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The HART product portfolio from Phoenix Contact provides you with expertise in Ethernet, Modbus TCP/IP, PROFINET, and the HART protocol technology. Our active involvement in various key standards committees enables us to provide you with a guaranteed state-of-the-art product portfolio. Explore our product range now. Learn how we can make your future automation projects more successful.

Your advantages

  • Efficient field device configuration and status diagnostics with online access
  • Integration of HART information in separate engineering and management systems with HART multiplexer solutions
  • Increased system availability with the preventive detection of deviations and errors

About HART

Modulated HART signal  

Integrated HART signal (frequency shift keying)

With over two decades of experience in the harsh world of process technologies, HART (Highway Addressable Remote Transducer) no longer needs to prove its leading position. Combined with the solutions from Phoenix Contact, we can easily prepare your application for the digital advances of the upcoming decades.

Worldwide, around 40 million devices have already been installed with the integrated HART signal. In most cases, this signal is not yet being used for increasing availability. With immediate effect, however, our cost-effective solution now makes it worthwhile to continuously monitor your devices and instruments.

Wired Hart infrastructure

Wired HART infrastructure components  

Wired HART infrastructure components

The Wired HART infrastructure products are designed for use in the control cabinet or marshalling area in the proximity of the control system. In addition to being able to perform maintenance work directly on the device, permanent monitoring is also possible without disturbing the ongoing process.

Furthermore, we enable you to monitor your HART data directly in the control room. This comes at a fraction of the cost incurred through on-site interventions.

Our portfolio provides you with a large number of functions that are essential for ensuring the permanently high availability of your installation.


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