Solutions for drinking water supply

Drinking water supply

Comprehensive automation

Discover inspiring solutions from the extraction of untreated water to distribution in the local network.

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  • Water extraction
    Water extraction

    Monitor and control your drinking water treatment process with solutions developed by Phoenix Contact.

  • Removal of suspended matter
    Removal of suspended matter

    Using solutions from Phoenix Contact, you can control the dosing unit depending on the water flow rate and acquire all relevant measured values.

  • Water treatment

    Phoenix Contact offers redundant systems from field level to control level in order to control and monitor the oxidation process reliably.

  • Water transport and distribution
    Water transport and distribution

    Phoenix Contact offers turn-key solutions from remote monitoring to leakage management systems for minimizing water loss.

  • Process library for water management

    With the Water Functions process library, Phoenix Contact provides a software library which is tailored to the needs of the water and wastewater treatment industry.

A global drinking water supply network faces a wide range of challenges. In times of climate change, severe weather and droughts affect numerous regions of the world more severely than was the case in the past. Water quality that complies with the legal requirements and access to clean water cannot be taken for granted.
Phoenix Contact implements drinking water projects and modernizes existing plants with holistic automation systems. We guarantee a safe water supply from water treatment to distribution and cloud-based process optimization.

Drinking water supply

Drinking water supply
Water transport and distribution
Removal of suspended matter
Water treatment
Water extraction


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