Secondary sedimentation

Reliable system operation

Reliable system operation

We offer solutions for wireless data communication and uninterrupted operation of your system.

The sludge that is removed consists of settled phosphates and bacteria, some of the sludge is pumped away into the clarifier and some is fed back into the treatment process, whereby the water is provided with new bacteria. The sludge level is monitored in order to calculate the exact quantity of recirculated material. For optimum water quality, the pH, turbidity, and nitrate values are also monitored.

Using solutions from Phoenix Contact, you can ensure the uninterrupted operation of your system and, thanks to wireless process data communication, you can keep an eye on your system at all times.

Your advantages

  • Reliable data communication for moving or hard-to-reach system parts
  • Low installation and maintenance effort, thanks to Bluetooth communication
  • Uninterrupted system operation with reliable protection for motors

Hybrid motor management with integrated safety function

Bio-P tank  

Uninterrupted operation and motor protection, thanks to hybrid motor starters

In the biological phosphorus removal tanks (Bio-P tanks for short), the phosphorus contained in the wastewater is removed by means of the bacteria contained in the sludge.

The 4-in-1 hybrid motor starter from the CONTACTRON range reliably protects the motors and enables uninterrupted operation. The integrated safety functions thereby satisfy all emergency stop requirements.

Secure process data communication via Bluetooth


Cost-effective process data transmission with Bluetooth

Slip rings can present a problem in data communication, particularly in rotating applications. Bluetooth modules from Phoenix Contact allow you to integrate moving or hard-to-reach automation devices into your PROFIBUS or Ethernet automation network easily, reliably, and cost-effectively.

You can also benefit from the advantages of Bluetooth technology when it comes to transmitting digital and analog process values.

Increase system availability using surge protection

Surge protection in secondary sedimentation  

Solutions for surge protection in secondary sedimentation

In water management, the availability of measuring signals, data communication, and control technology is an essential requirement for reliable system operation. Long communication paths as well as switching operations of large pumps and drives make the use of surge protection indispensable.

Our complete concept for surge protection offers user-friendly, ready-to-install solutions for all applications.

Wireless data communication with Bluetooth in secondary sedimentation

Whether PROFIBUS or PROFINET: achieve optimum water quality by safely monitoring the secondary sedimentation process. Use Bluetooth as an inexpensive alternative, e.g., for slip rings.

Process values from the clarifier are reliably transmitted to the superior control level. Avoid interference-prone slip ring transmission, which often involves a high degree of installation and maintenance effort.

Topology: wireless data communication with Bluetooth in secondary sedimentation

Transmit process values reliably to the control level via Bluetooth


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