Applications and solutions – water and wastewater treatment

Applications and solutions – water and wastewater treatment

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Phoenix Contact offers sophisticated system solutions for water supply and wastewater treatment.

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  • Wastewater treatment
    Wastewater treatment

    Phoenix Contact provides redundant control technology and solutions for monitoring field devices from the sewerage system to biology.

  • Drinking water supply
    Drinking water supply

    Phoenix Contact offers a comprehensive system to ensure reliable water treatment, storage, and distribution.

With a team that is networked across the world and collaborations with industry partners, Phoenix Contact is your reliable partner for water and wastewater treatment. Phoenix Contact develops its own automation, communication, and remote control technologies for all forms of water treatment plants and wastewater treatment plants. Phoenix Contact provides solutions for all levels of the plant – from the control room, through the network and control level, all the way to the field devices and machines. Our customer-specific and ready-to-use solutions are based on an open system and open interfaces that guarantee future-readiness.

Holistic engineering, industry-specific training programs, and on-site services in every phase ensure the success of our customers’ projects.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Digitalization of water and wastewater treatment  

Digitalization of water and wastewater treatment

In modern treatment plants, it is not just water that flows; there is also a stream of large volumes of data. Data is created in all utilities – both central and decentral – within the plant. The multitude of installed sensors and machines allow for a new level of transparency. The challenge lies in presenting the digital information in a meaningful format and linking the resulting complexity of the various volumes of data together logically.
With our many years of experience, Phoenix Contact will accompany you through the transition into the digital age. We provide solutions for networking components, plant parts, and people together. Internet of Things structures open up the opportunity for storing and processing information in an external computer network. As an aid to process optimization, external data, such as precipitation forecasts, is included using IoT applications. Moreover, the plant can be accessed from anywhere at anytime. IoT structures, the associated computer power, and services will allow water management plants to operate more efficiently and conserve more resources in the future.

System overview

Technical systems in water management are categorized into infrastructure areas that differ fundamentally in their requirements. While structures installed centrally are designed for fast fieldbuses with high data rates, decentral structures and stations are reached via wireless transmission with a low data bandwidth and via remote control protocols. All relevant data is routed to the control center, where it is visualized and processed. Phoenix Contact provides tailor-made components and solutions to meet the demands of a holistic system, despite the complex requirements.


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