Smart Road

Smart Road

We are digitalizing the road infrastructure of the future

Join us in creating a smart road network.

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  • Traffic management
    Traffic management

    Utilize traffic and environmental data for efficient and targeted traffic management. Phoenix Contact develops intelligent traffic systems for automated traffic management.

  • Street lighting
    Street lighting

    Phoenix Contact offers light management systems for demand-oriented lighting control via standardized remote control technology.

  • Tunnels

    Phoenix Contact ensures smooth tunnel operation with intelligent control systems that meet the requirements of the transportation infrastructure.

  • Movable bridges
    Movable bridges

    Phoenix Contact offers solutions for the monitoring, operation, and functional safety of movable bridges.

  • Wireless applications in transportation technology

    State-of-the-art and efficient communication and automation solutions from Phoenix Contact ensure a high level of availability and safety of roads and waterways.

The quality of mobility is often directly related to the attractiveness of a city and region – but it is not just large cities, but also medium-sized and small towns that are increasingly having to cope with increased volumes of traffic. Large increases in transportation capacities in increasingly complex structures demand concepts for smart roads. This is because the quality and sustainability of road traffic plays a decisive role as we move ever-closer to smart cities.

Digitalization is the key to smart roads and more environmentally friendly traffic.

The path to sustainable mobility therefore offers unprecedented opportunities for automation and networking. In order to meet the increased demands on transportation routes, Phoenix Contact is automating complete transportation infrastructures and developing open and safe systems for the smart roads of the future.

Utilize the relevant information from the smart road with us; this will save resources, be climate-friendly, and make the road safer and more efficient for everyone using it.

We are equipping ambitious projects in the field of traffic management, tunnel construction, and transportation technology infrastructure with digital technology. You can therefore, for example, cut down on excessive energy requirements with our cloud-based street lighting solution thanks to on-demand use. AI-based traffic systems that record the number of vehicles help you reduce carbon emissions and prevent traffic congestion. With our intelligent solutions for recording environmental data, you can inform drivers ahead of time about the current traffic situation or the state of the road.

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