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  • Cholfirst tunnel
  • Erasmus Bridge, Rotterdam

    The Erasmus Bridge connects Rotterdam city center to the Kop an Zuid district.

  • Gent-Terneuzen canal

    Based on its expertise, Istimewa Elektro B.V. was awarded the contract to renovate the lighting along the Dutch section of the Ghent-Terneuzen canal in 2016.

  • Kiel Canal

    Fieldbus-capable signal lights facilitate navigation on the Kiel Canal.

  • Lock system in Kiel-Holtenau

    The Radioline wireless system from Phoenix Contact supports monitoring of building operations at Kiel-Holtenau locks.

  • Lock system in Zeebrügge

    Signal lights and automation technology from Phoenix Contact make sure that the lock operations in Zeebrügge run smoothly.

  • Lopper Tunnel

    The availability of the tunnel is increased significantly through the use of surge protection from Phoenix Contact.

  • Osman Gazi Bridge

    System cabling from Phoenix Contact ensures error-free and fast field wiring on the Osman Gazi Bridge.

  • Saaser Tunnel

    In order to protect the energy supply and UPS, surge protection from Phoenix Contact was installed in the Saaser Tunnel.

Safety and availability are key factors in Transportation Infrastructure, as is economical operation. Read the following reference articles to find out how our customers have implemented demanding infrastructure projects with components and solutions from Phoenix Contact.


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