Efficient system operation

We offer solutions for flexible manufacturing and a short lead time.

In parallel with the car body, the drive unit is manufactured with a motor, gearbox, axes, and drive shaft. It is here where efficient system operation comes into its own. In order to respond to changing customer demands and to keep the time to market factor low, manufacturing must be as flexible as possible.

With this in mind, Phoenix Contact offers distributed, space-saving automation solutions. In addition, we support you with software products and services for fast product startup.

Your advantages

  • Surface-optimized manufacturing, thanks to the integration of distributed automation technology into the system geometry
  • Fast startup due to open software standards and supporting parameterization tools
  • Reduced power dissipation, thanks to short cable routes

Intelligent 24 V distributors

24 V distributor  

Solution for reliable supply and diagnostics

The decentralized distribution of the 24 V supply voltage reduces power dissipation on the cables and at the same time increases the number of devices to be supplied.

For this purpose, Phoenix Contact offers a suitable combination for high-quality supply and diagnostics.

Easy startup

Screenshot of the Lineworx parameterization software  

Easy parameterization with Lineworx

A fast startup calls for a corresponding overview of the parameters to be set, such as speeds, times, measuring ranges, and IT configuration.

The Lineworx parameterization software scans the user program and guides the user through the settings or adjustments to the system.

Distributed signal acquisition

Field installation with Axioline E PN  

Flexible connection to the network with Axioline E

Acquire input and output data directly in your system during manufacturing.

Axioline E allows you to flexibly connect to the network. As well as various digital functions, the robust I/O modules with IP65/67 protection also offer an IO-Link master for every network.

Distributed automation

The manufacturing of drive units calls for plenty of space. It must therefore be possible to integrate automation components into the system. The distributed automation ensures high-quality production areas for valuable processes by means of pre-manufactured function modules.

Peripherals such as I/O modules with IP67 round off the decentralization through to the IO-Link-capable sensor. This point-to-point connection enables you to exchange both process data and service data between the connection and the sensor/actuator.

Topology: distributed automation in the powertrain

Distributed automation creates production areas for valuable processes


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