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Industrial Wireless

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Discover the possibilities of industrial wireless systems.

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  • Wireless technologies
    Wireless technologies

    Overview of the various wireless technologies for industrial applications with different requirements.

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    Areas of application

    Industrial wireless solutions in factory automation, infrastructure, and the process industry.

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    Find out about our services, which include the planning, configuration, and startup of wireless systems.

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    Antenna technology

    The basics of antenna technology for industrial wireless systems.

It’s hard to imagine today’s industrial applications without wireless; wireless solutions bring about many different benefits. The range of applications is as versatile as the range of technologies and systems available on the market.

As a pioneer in this field, Phoenix Contact has more than ten years’ experience in the development and use of industrial wireless systems. These pages give you an insight into the various technologies and their key features, advantages, and areas of application.

Your advantages

  • Increased flexibility with easy and reliable communication with cellular or hard-to-access automation devices
  • Location-independent access to network resources simplifies maintenance work and reduces service costs and downtimes
  • Monitoring and control of remote stations without cable access
  • Lower installation and maintenance costs and the network is easier to extend in comparison with wired installations
  • Increased process and product quality thanks to additional information

Wireless has become a major trend

Communication between tablet and machine  

Wireless solutions enable communication between tablets and machines

Communication within the network is the key to flexible, self-organizing production within the context of Industry 4.0. Industrial wireless systems play a key role in the implementation of such concepts as they offer numerous possibilities for making production processes more efficient and flexible.

Radio-controlled, autonomous transport systems and warehouse shuttles increase the productivity of your system as well as the use of tablets and smartphones for the monitoring, operation, and remote maintenance of machines. In process and infrastructure applications, industrial wireless systems enable data to be recorded from remote stations and field devices that would otherwise be inaccessible.

An example of innovation: Trusted Wireless

Trusted Wireless logo  

Trusted Wireless: Industrial wireless technology from Phoenix Contact

Not all industrial applications are suitable for standard-based wireless technologies. Phoenix Contact has recognized this issue and called on its many years of experience to develop the proprietary Trusted Wireless wireless technology specifically for industrial use.

The technology is particularly suitable for forwarding sensor and actuator information wirelessly as well as transmitting low to medium volumes of data. With a clear line of sight, distances ranging from several hundred meters up to several kilometers can be covered between two wireless devices.

Trusted Wireless therefore closes the gap between WirelessHART as a special technology for sensor networks and Wireless LAN high-speed technology. The technology is used in the Radioline wireless system from Phoenix Contact.


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