Power supplies and UPS

Power supplies and UPS

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Innovative power supply solutions guarantee maximum availability of your systems.

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    Our high quality POWER products supply your application with leading technology.

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    With our extensive knowledge, we are able to offer power supply solutions with technologically advanced, high-quality products for all applications across a range of industries.

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    Learn about our power supplies and UPS. Discover the functions and find out how to use the UPS-CONF software correctly.

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    Find the right products or solutions for your individual application.

Phoenix Contact Power Supplies GmbH brings together expertise in the field of power supply technologies at its Paderborn site. Our power supplies, DC/DC converters, redundancy modules, and uninterruptible power supplies are market leaders, both in terms of technology and quality.

Experience our technological expertise for yourself and learn about the innovative power supply solutions from Phoenix Contact. Discover the technologies and technological details, learn about different areas of application, and find the right solution for your application.

An innovative example: customizable QUINT POWER power supply with NFC interface

Each application is unique and requires an individual power supply for maximum system availability. With QUINT POWER, Phoenix Contact is now offering the first parameterizable power supply in the world, which can also be supplied pre-configured on request.

So that every machine and system can be reliably supplied with current, the new power supply can be flexibly adjusted. Signaling thresholds and characteristic curves are individually adjusted via the integrated NFC interface to system requirements. Once the power supply has been configured, you can easily transfer the values to other devices via the app or using software.

Industrie 4.0 – our solutions for the future

Solutions for the future  

Solutions for the future

The future starts with us.

Because we get you ready for the future, with our experience and solutions. We invest in the development of ever more intelligent and customizable devices and forge new paths. With NFC (Near Field Communication), you can now configure power supplies during operation using mobile devices. Adjust signaling thresholds and characteristic curves precisely to the needs of your system.


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