Screw connection with tension sleeve

Screw connection with tension sleeve

Maintenance-free wiring

Connect conductors with the reliable Reakdyn principle.

Your advantages

  • Convenient operation, thanks to elevator principle
  • Zero maintenance, thanks to the Reakdyn principle
  • Clamping part is extremely resistant to corrosion, thanks to the use of high-grade copper alloys
  • Low contact resistance due to large contact surfaces and maximum contact force

When tightening the terminal point, the screwdriver remains at a constant height and the terminal sleeve moves upwards by way of the elevator principle. This means that the screwdriver does not have to simulate the axial movement.

The screw is supported by the current bar and the conductor is securely routed through the terminal sleeve underneath the current bar and is therefore protected from exposure to radial forces from the screw.

The integrated screw-locking system (the Reakdyn principle) removes the need for re-tightening connection screws and prevents the connection from being inadvertently disengaged. The force applied, in conjunction with the Reakdyn groove, deforms the tension sleeve in the elastic area. The result is a screw-locking system which protects the thread.


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