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PoE injectors

PoE injectors

Power over Ethernet injectors supply your devices in the field with data and power via just one cable. The various IDC, Push-in or screw connection technologies significantly simplify the installation of the field cable.

Your advantages

  • Midspan Injector available in a range of performance classes up to 60 watts in accordance with IEEE 802.3- af, -at, -bt
  • Large selection of different connection technologies
  • Integrated surge protection to ensure high system availability
  • Shield current monitoring for diagnostics in the event of shield currents caused by EMC or differences in potential
  • Wiring space covered with front panel cover
  • Electrical isolation of the internal power supply unit

Different performance standards and electrical isolation

Electrical isolation of the internal power supply unit  

Short-circuit protection via electrical isolation

The wide range of available performance classes allows you to meet your individual requirements. The PoE injectors are available in the standards IEEE 802.3 at and af up to 30 watts. Furthermore, we already offer devices that will comply with the upcoming standard of up to 60 watts in accordance with IEEE 802.3 bt.

Electrical isolation of the internal power supply unit concept: the supply voltage and Power over Ethernet port are electrically isolated in certain versions.

This provides optimum protection against short circuits in the data cables on the field side.

Versatile connection technologies and covered wiring space

Fast and easy connection  

Alternative connection technologies

Greater flexibility and time savings during installation: you can choose between IDC, Push-in, screw, and RJ45 connections.

Covered cable wiring space: a hinged cover covers the wiring space on the field cable side with connection terminal blocks and shield contacting. This ensures a uniform installation pattern. In addition to this visual extra, the sensitive connection wires are protected from external influences.

Tool-free shield connection

Connection with no loose parts  

Tool-free shield connection

The cable shielding can be connected to the device quickly and easily without tools – with strain relief assured at the same time. Simply lay the cable in the shaft provided and close the shroud - and you're done. Your advantage: quick installation thanks to tool-free connection with no loose parts.

Surge protection and shield current monitoring on the field cable side

Shield current monitoring via LED  

Shield current monitoring via LED

The INJ 2000 PoE injectors are now available with the new surge protection and shield current monitoring functions.

The integrated surge protection protects the devices and the application against sudden high voltages in the data cables.

The cable shield current monitoring is used for diagnostics. An LED indicates if there are differences in potential or other shield currents caused by the effects of EMC.

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