Monitoring relays

For high system availability

For high system availability

EMD monitoring relays can be used to detect deviations in important system parameters at an early stage. These can be indicated or system parts can be shut down selectively.

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Using EMD monitoring relays, you can detect errors as soon as they occur. You can therefore increase your system availability and prevent expensive downtimes and repairs. Shut down system parts selectively or report an error to a controller as soon as the set limit value is exceeded or not reached.

Your advantages

  • Efficient system protection in light of cost-effective monitoring solutions with numerous functions
  • Increase in system availability as a result of continuous monitoring
  • Detect errors as soon as they occur thanks to limit value fine tuning and short response times
  • Quick error reporting and selective shutdown of system parts thanks to relay outputs
  • Quick and space-saving wiring - compact monitoring relays
  • Extremely versatile - multifunctional monitoring relays

Efficient protection for your system

EMD monitoring relays  

Efficient protection for your system – EMD monitoring relays

Phoenix Contact provides two device families for the monitoring solution that is right for you:

Quick and space-saving wiring: compact monitoring relays

EMD-BL compact monitoring relays are ideal for simple monitoring tasks. The devices are particularly well suited for use in building installation and in series production of machines or systems.

Extremely versatile – multifunctional monitoring relays

Multifunctional EMD monitoring relays monitor electrical as well as physical system parameters. Take advantage of a wide function spectrum, extended setting options and various supply voltage ranges.


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