Uninsulated and insulated ferrules in various sizes and colors


Ferrules are used in process-reliable conductor processing and wiring. They protect the conductors against splicing and make it easier to insert them in the terminal shaft. Process conductors professionally and safely with our high-quality ferrules. Our comprehensive product range comprising uninsulated and insulated ferrules in various sizes and colors also meets the requirements of international standards.

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Your advantages

  • Comprehensive product range for all applications
  • High-quality ferrules and standard-compliant ferrules – Made in Germany –
  • UL-certified connection in combination with a selection of our crimping tools and automatic devices
Single ferrule, non-insulated
Single ferrule insulated in black
Single TWIN ferrule insulated in white
Single insulated ferrule with enlarged plastic collar in blue
Single ferrule, non-insulated

The non-insulated sleeves are primarily used in confined environments. They protect the conductor and facilitate further processing.

  • In accordance with DIN 46228-1 and UL 486F-A
  • Available in several length variants
  • Conductor cross-sections from 0.14 to 120 mm²

Single ferrule insulated in black

Insulated ferrules protect against conductor splicing and facilitate insertion into the terminal shaft.

  • In accordance with DIN 46228-4 and UL 486F-E
  • Available in several length and color versions
  • Conductor cross-section of 0.14 to 120 mm² 

Single TWIN ferrule insulated in white

TWIN ferrules provide a practical way of crimping two conductors in one ferrule.

  • Suitable for the production of chain bridges
  • In accordance with UL 486F-F 
  • Available in several length and color versions
  • Conductor cross-section of 2 x 0.5 to 2 x 16 mm²

Single insulated ferrule with enlarged plastic collar in blue

These specially designed ferrules are used for processing conductors with thicker insulation.

  • Versions available for UL, AWG, JIS, multi-standard, and short-circuit-proof conductors
  • In accordance with DIN 46228-4 and UL 486F-E
  • Available in several length and color versions
  • Conductor cross-sections from 0.5 to 16 mm²

Insulated ferrules in blue as strips
Ferrules in red as taped products
Assortment box in black with ferrules
Insulated ferrules in blue as strips

The strips are used for processing the conductors with the CRIMPFOX 4 IN 1 stripping and crimping pliers and the CF CRIMPHANDY.

  • In accordance with DIN 46228-4 and UL 486F-E
  • Available in several color versions
  • Conductor cross-sections from 0.5 to 2.5 mm²

Ferrules in red as taped products

Ferrules in taped form are used in fully and partially automated production. For example, the CF 3000 stripping and crimping device can be equipped with them.

  • In accordance with DIN 46228-4 and UL 486F-E
  • Available in several color versions and roll sizes
  • Conductor cross-sections from 0.5 to 2.5 mm²

Assortment box in black with ferrules

Stripping and crimping sets, as well as various assortment boxes, complete our ferrule portfolio. Our assortment boxes are available both empty and filled with ferrules in various sizes and colors.

CRIMPFOX DUO 16S crimping pliers with individual ferrules next to them

Ferrules For secure and reliable connections

Ferrules are useful tools for conductor processing and wiring. Using sleeves prevents the potential splicing of individual litz wires, thereby enabling effective and, above all, reliable further processing.
Ferrules thus facilitate insertion into the clamping shaft and protect the individual litz wires against mechanical impact, for example during connection to screw terminal blocks.

Sleeve material: Copper (ECU)
Coating: Tin-plated
Collar material: PP (halogen-free)
Long-term/short-term temperature: +105°C/+120°C

The key advantages of ferrules

  • Increased, long-term operational safety and contact reliability
  • Time-saving further processing, particularly in the case of Push-in terminal blocks
  • Reliable connection, even with repeated rewiring
  • Reduction in cable breakage
  • Easy cross-section recognition
  • Increased vibration resistance
  • Permanently low contact resistance
  • Individual litz wires are protected (particularly for screw terminal blocks)
  • Consistent clamping of screw connections
Insulated ferrule is held between two fingers

Standards for ferrules

In DIN 46228, the ferrule is defined as being between 0.5 and 50 mm².
This standard has four parts:

  • Part 1: Tubular end-sleeves without plastic sleeve
  • Part 2: Crimp-type end-splices, with and without insulation grip
  • Part 3: Conductor-embracing end-splices, without insulation grip
  • Part 4: Tubular end-sleeves with plastic sleeve

Alongside the geometric dimensions of the sleeve, the material, the coloring according to the cross-section, and the test specifications are all part of the standard. In addition, there is the requirement that the ferrules accommodate Class 2, 5, and 6 conductors. The conductor cross-sections are defined by the electrical resistance values and not, as is the case for the ferrules, by the geometric dimensions. Greater variations in cross-sections are therefore possible. Due to this fact, there is a certain discrepancy between the ferrule and the conductor. However, Phoenix Contact ferrule pliers are largely designed to compensate for this difference in size.

In addition to DIN, there is a French standard for the sleeves: NF C 63-023. With the exception of the coloring for some cross-sections, the NF standard is based on the DIN standard.
UL 486F and the Canadian C22.2 NO. 291-14 are new when it comes to the standardization of ferrules. These harmonized standards are also based on the DIN, but go further into detail on the test methodology and the specific requirements.

In UL 486F, special sleeves such as the TWIN ferrules for two-conductor connection are also defined in a standard for the first time. For certification in accordance with the UL and CSA standards mentioned above, comprehensive testing must be carried out by the relevant organization. Not just the ferrules are tested and certified, but also the entire system consisting of the ferrule pliers and ferrule.

CRIMPFOX DUO 10 crimping pliers surrounded by various crimped conductors

Trailblazer for international standards for quality, safety, and compatibility

Phoenix Contact was one of the first manufacturers to have ferrules combined with a selection of crimping tools and crimping devices certified in accordance with the UL 486F standard that went into force in 2016 (ZMLF.E488001). Together with conformity with the DIN 46228‑1/‑4 standard (updated 03/2020), it meets the global market requirements for quality, safety, and compatibility, offering a system that is accepted worldwide to export-oriented users.

UL certification logo

Table of colors and standards for ferrules

Colors of the ferrules

The color of the plastic collar indicates the cross-section of the ferrule and thus facilitates assignment to the corresponding conductor.

The color definition of DIN 46228-4, which is also the basis for UL 486F, is the primary standard in terms of acceptance among users.

Useful information at a glance
What you should know about ferrules
Discover our poster on the topic of ferrules. You can see at a glance everything you need to know as well as tips on handling. For example, why it is advantageous to use a ferrule, what needs to be considered when stripping wires, and which crimping shapes are suitable for specific scenarios.
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Wire processing with ferrules
Person holding CRIMPFOX DUO 16S crimping pliers and a crimped conductor in front of a control cabinet

Professional processing With hand tool and automatic tool

For processing ferrules, cable lugs, heavy-duty connectors, and a wide range of other contacts and connectors, Phoenix Contact offers a broad portfolio of hand tools and automatic tools.

Our hand tools are characterized by their ergonomics and their high quality, which supports their low-fatigue use and durability. Equipped with an integrated pressure lock, our tools guarantee the high-quality processing of ferrules and connectors with long-term stability.

Hand holding several conductors in front of the CF 1000 stripping and crimping device

With our automatic tools, you not only process ferrules quickly and safely, but also save time and costs in conductor assembly.

Our stripping and crimping devices combine two sub-steps in one. The conductor is stripped and then crimped with a ferrule in just one step. Due to the modular design, you can quickly convert the automatic devices to different cross-sections. Whether for stationary or mobile use, with our robust and compact stripping and crimping devices, you remain flexible while maintaining consistent quality.