Supplying safety-relevant operating equipment within the required voltage level

Example application: Safe railway operation

Example application: Supplying railway equipment in the operating voltage range

Supplying railway equipment in the operating voltage range

There are safety-relevant signal technology components whose operational safety is put at risk if the supply voltage is too high, which can cause signal distortion. The operating voltage range of such devices may not be exceeded under any circumstances. In this context, exceeding the limit has nothing to do with transient overvoltage in the kV range. Instead, it means overvoltages in the percentage range. For power supplies that supply the safety-relevant modules of control command and signaling technology, the level of the output voltage must be considered as an aspect for safety documentation. Errors must be prevented by implementing relevant precautionary measures. Separate, permanent voltage monitoring can meet these requirements, but is very expensive.

To virtually eliminate the error, Phoenix Contact has power supplies in its portfolio with twice the surge protection at the output. This allows the power supplies to deliver secondary-side voltage of 24 V, for example.

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