Power supplies for railway infrastructure

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Power supplies for railway infrastructure
Power supplies for railway infrastructure

Power supplies for installation both indoors and outdoors

Our high-availability power supplies and DC/DC converters are harmonized with the typical requirements of signal technology. With a high efficiency factor and the use of high-quality components, including long-life capacitors, our products feature high reliability (MTBF 40 °C >500,000 h) and a long service life. They also have an extended temperature range and electronics with a protective coating for use in outdoor systems.

DC/DC converters in signaling technology

DC/DC converters

In signal technology in signal boxes, DC/DC converters are used to convert control voltages. The built-in electrical isolation also allows two potentials to be decoupled and suppressed and a floating supply grid to be set up. After longer line routes with voltage drop, DC/DC converters refresh the existing voltage. For digital signal boxes, you select converter solutions that can convert DC bus voltages into conventional control voltage.

Uninterruptible power supplies for remote diagnostics in railway engineering

Uninterruptible power supplies for remote diagnostics

With our QUINT system, you are ready to digitalize your railway technology! Integrate our power supplies, uninterruptible power supplies, and energy storage into your network and benefit from comprehensive diagnostics options. To allow you to import device settings easily, we have equipped our power supplies with a configuration interface that can be flexibly parameterized. Our uninterruptible power supplies also have a communication interface that communicates the device status in real time and receives control commands. This allows you to call up the status of devices and energy storage units at any time.

Power supply for control command and signaling

Power supplies with safety Plus

For power supplies that supply the safety-relevant modules of control command and signaling, the height of the output voltage must be considered. Particularly during examinations for safety documentation. A defective device can supply increased output voltage, which in turn can lead to signal distortion. This endangers operational safety. With our power supplies, you virtually eliminate this error. You have twice the surge protection at the output and reliably supply secondary-side voltage of  24 V (for example).

Double-insulated power supply

Double-insulated power supplies

Some applications in signal boxes require a non-conductive environment as a protective measure. To protect against electric shock, devices with protective insulation in protection class II are used in these cases. Our QUINT POWER power supplies under 100 W are suitable for these applications, since they do not require a protective conductor connection due to their high-quality insulation concept and non-conductive housing.