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FAME 3 – test plugs with patented rotary handle – the functions at a glance:

Test plug with rotary handle and locking

Test plugs  

FAME 3 test plug with patented rotary handle

Defined, mechanically supported removal of the patented test plug from the test block. Optical display and forced locking in the various switch positions.

Step 1

Test plug operation  

Test plug inserted and locked

The test plug is inserted fully and engages securely. The display window turns red. All test contacts are contacted according to the test setup.

Step 2

Test plug operation  

Through-connected test contacts

The rotary handle is turned upward as far as it will go. The display window turns yellow. The test contacts are once again through-connected to the protective device.

Step 3

Test plug operation  

Removing the test plug

The rotary handle must be turned back to its starting position. The display window turns green. Now the mechanism releases the plug so it can be fully removed.

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