Surge protection for charging stations and home chargers

Surge protection for charging stations and home chargers
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    Surge protection for charging stations and home chargers

    CHARX protect – protective device for protecting charging stations and vehicles against damage due to lightning strikes and switching operations.

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No-risk charging: Protect charging stations and electric vehicles against damage caused by lightning and overvoltages with CHARX protect. We will provide you with a comprehensive surge protection concept to ensure that your charging infrastructure remains available at all times – at any time of the day or night, and in bad weather and wind.

Your advantages

  • Complete protection for your charging infrastructure due to the comprehensive product range
  • Uninterrupted continuation of the charging process with a protected power supply
  • Protection for the connected e-vehicle with a safe surge protection concept

Electric vehicle charging – safe, highly available, and uninterrupted

Electric car in front of an open charging station  

Charging stations consist of sensitive components that need to be protected

The charging infrastructure for electric vehicles is just as complex as the vehicle itself: From the power supply and components for visualizing the charging process to the cables for Ethernet communication, the charging station is equipped with a large number of important and sensitive components. They need to be protected to ensure that the charging infrastructure has a long service life and that the charging process is uninterrupted.

A comprehensive protection concept therefore consists of three areas:

  • Our type 1+2 combined lightning current and surge arresters and type 2 protective devices for the power supply protect feed-in against dangerous overvoltages caused by lightning strikes and switching operations from the grid.
  • Use type 3 surge protective devices to ensure the long-term function of numerous sensitive components within your charging station.
  • The communication components are usually connected over Ethernet and should also be protected.

Additional CHARX products for charging infrastructure

Electric car at a charging station  

We offer a complete portfolio for charging electric vehicles

Take advantage of our extensive portfolio for setting up powerful charging stations or entire charging parks. Along with the products described here, we also provide:

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Surge protection for charging stations

Brief introduction by Sören Emanuel Dißmeier, product manager