DC power electronics for fast charging stations

DC power electronics for fast charging stations
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Our highly efficient CHARX power power electronics enable the cost-effective operation of your DC charging infrastructure for the fast charging of electric vehicles. The modular and scalable Plug and Play solution is optimized for DC charging with high voltages and currents all the way to High Power Charging (HPC). Each system cabinet can provide a charging power of up to 350 kW.

Your advantages

  • Fast installation and repair with Plug and Play and hot-swap-capable power modules
  • Efficient operation with a high efficiency level
  • Save space with the innovative design and high power density
  • Scalable charging power with the flexible connection of power modules
  • Operation of large charging parks in the megawatt range by connecting multiple system cabinets together

Maximum availability and high power density

System cabinet with four power modules  

System cabinet with four power modules

The modular system consists of a cabinet that can be assembled with up to four power modules by means of rack mounting. This offers you valuable flexibility for the future expansion of the charging park.

The power modules are characterized by their short repair times as well as their outstanding reliability and durability. They therefore satisfy the high industrial requirements for both availability and quality for a safe and reliable power supply.

Flexible power for every charging situation

Connection of power modules  

Examples for connecting the power modules in a system cabinet

The power modules can be connected together in various ways as required in the system cabinet, for example:

  • 1 charging point with 350 kW
  • 2 charging points with 175 kW each
  • 4 charging points with 87.5 kW each

Space-saving installation and convenient maintenance

System cabinet for up to four power modules  

Space-saving setup of several system cabinets

By diverting the air flow via the roof and rear panel, the systems can be installed in a particularly space-saving way.

All settings and maintenance activities are conveniently performed from the front.

Additional CHARX products for DC charging infrastructure

Extensive portfolio for fast charging stations  

We offer a complete portfolio for charging electric vehicles

Take advantage of our extensive portfolio to design powerful DC charging stations or entire fast charging parks. Along with the products described here, we also provide:

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