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Surge voltages can overload electrical installations and the protective devices provided to protect them. Find out about the state of your system and your surge protection early, before failures occur.

Your advantages

  • Detect the current status (state of health) of surge protective devices using a precautionary check
  • High level of quality and safety: Remain up to date at all times thanks to automatic adjustment of the testing algorithms or update function
  • Use digital added value and services with ImpulseCheck
  • The assistance system for surge protection is part of the COMPLETE line system

Clear insight into the system

ImpulseCheck with four sensor cables  

ImpulseCheck monitors up to four conductors on one surge protective device

ImpulseCheck is the world's first intelligent assistance system for surge protection in the field of mains protection. The module allows you to measure the state of health of every single protective device via cloud connection and provides new digital services.

With it, you can detect the actual load on the surge protective devices being monitored, and therefore on your system as well. This makes it possible to predict failures and schedule service more effectively.

How ImpulseCheck works

ImpulseCheck with four sensor cables  

Combined lightning current and surge arrester monitored with ImpulseCheck

ImpulseCheck continuously monitors your installation’s active conductors at the SPD. It does this by detecting both surge currents and high-frequency voltage pulses. The captured values are sent to and interpreted and evaluated using the Phoenix Contact surge protective device (SPD) models stored there.

ImpulseCheck not only counts the different pulses, but also analyzes individual events with regard to their amplitude, charge, and specific energy.

The actual load on your system is reported directly, so you can determine the current status (state of health) of each individual protective plug. With the connection, the information can be displayed in any web browser. Various events, such as the status change of a protective plug, are also reported to you by a system push notification. You can therefore take action before these events result in the failure of an SPD.

ImpulseCheck or CHECKMASTER – the choice is yours

ImpulseCheck monitors the active conductors in the power supply cables. The impulses are measured even if no surge protection is installed, making it possible to draw conclusions about the load on the system. ImpulseCheck is the best choice for innovative and automated calculation of the state of health of your surge protective devices.The assistance system monitors surge protective devices for type 1 and 2 power supplies.

CHECKMASTER 2, on the other hand, is a test device for use with nearly all of Phoenix Contact's pluggable surge protective devices. With CHECKMASTER 2, you can manually test the surge protection plugs used for the power supply and for the measurement, control, and data technology.

Regular check for safe surge protection

CHECKMASTER 2 arrester test device  

CHECKMASTER 2: test device for various designs and circuits

According to IEC 62305-3, surge protective devices must be tested regularly. In addition, the standard requires the traceable documentation of test values.

ImpulseCheck monitors arresters in real time. You can output the current status at any time for documentation purposes with the push of a button.

Testing with CHECKMASTER 2 must be performed manually.

  • The SPD plugs are plugged into the corresponding test tray.
  • The actual testing is done automatically.
  • CHECKMASTER 2 stores all test results in internal memory.
  • The stored test values can be output immediately or at a later time.
  • The test report contains the order designation and the test result together with the date and time.

Easy identification of test objects using CHECKMASTER 2's barcode scanner

Barcode scanner  

Easy identification of test objects thanks to the barcode scanner

The CHECKMASTER checks surge protective devices from Phoenix Contact according to their specific electrical properties. The acquisition of order numbers is error free with the barcode scanner.
The test object is inserted into the associated test adapter. When the scanner detects the device type, the test is started automatically upon insertion.
Alternatively, the order number of the test object can be entered via the touch panel after insertion into the test adapter.

Test result

  • Status 1: OK
  • Status 2: Tolerance limit reached
  • Status 3: Overloaded, replacement required

Tolerance limit reached – Replacement recommended

If the CHECKMASTER indicates "Tolerance limit reached", the arrester has already been subjected to stress several times. Although the surge protective device is still functional, it should be replaced as part of predictive maintenance.


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