Management software for security appliances

Management software for mGuard security appliances

Easy management

Monitor and configure all safety-relevant mGuard settings at any time.

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When it comes to managing several mGuard products, intelligent and efficient device management can automate time-consuming processes and reduce the risk of incorrect configuration. The mGuard Device Manager provides optimum support during the configuration, roll-out, and management of all mGuard devices.

Your advantages

  • Reduced complexity and management costs combined with increased accuracy and security in mGuard installations, thanks to central device management
  • Optimum scalability: manage thousands of mGuard security appliances regardless of their location, connection type or status
  • Reduced security and compliance risks, thanks to shorter patch and upgrade cycles

Efficient device management

mGuard Device Manager software  

mGuard Device Manager central management software

The mGuard Device Manager management software allows you to create and manage all safety-relevant mGuard settings centrally at the click of a mouse. You then transmit the encrypted data selectively or to all managed mGuard security appliances in a single step.

The configuration data can be downloaded again at any time and further processed in the mGuard Device Manager. This enables you to roll out firmware upgrades and license extensions in a targeted manner. You can use the upgrade history to check the firmware and reverse upgrades at any time.

Flexible expansion

Thanks to a range of upgrade licenses you can gradually increase the number of devices to be managed. This means that you only need to invest as much as you currently need. Start with a license for 100, for example. You can then increase the number of devices gradually up to 1000 or beyond.


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