Function blocks

Versatile and cost-effective

Versatile and cost-effective

Integrate new functions easily and inexpensively in your control system – using function blocks.

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  • Power transmission and distribution
    Software box: function block for power transmission and distribution

    Powerworx extends the control technology from Phoenix Contact with function blocks for standard measuring devices in the low and medium voltage network.

  • Remote control
    Remote control

    Continuous process data monitoring and system control

  • Solar energy
    Function blocks for photovoltaic projects

    The Solarworx function block libraries make the implementation of photovoltaics projects quick and easy.

  • Water and wastewater treatment
    Water and wastewater treatment

    Function block library for wastewater treatment and drinking water treatment enables easy integration of measurement and control technology.

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Do you want to extend your system with functions and reduce your development time? Function blocks can be used to integrate new functions quickly and easily or transform devices into a fully fledged part of your control system.

Your advantages

  • High quality for every application, thanks to documented and tested program parts
  • Fast startup of I/O components and error-free configuration, thanks to specially adapted blocks
  • Function blocks even for complex applications such as controllers, thanks to our extensive software expertise
  • Unlimited communication, as network protocols can be accessed from the control program
  • Maximum safety, thanks to the support and ongoing development of products by Phoenix Contact

Block libraries – useful grouping of functions

PC Worx development environment with integrated libraries  

PC Worx development environment with integrated libraries

Our function blocks are grouped by theme. For example, we offer block libraries for PC Worx, PC WORX EXPRESS or Step7 that are optimally tailored to the relevant software. For I/O terminals, you'll find blocks for easy access to analog or digital signals, for parameterization or monitoring.

Blocks for function terminals contain control functions and communication options. Technology blocks offer functions such as database access, network monitoring or ready-made applications for embedding the controller in its surroundings.

In addition, we offer sector-specific block libraries, e.g., for controlling wind power plants, outfitting ships, conveyor technology or machine engineering.

Blocks with and without runtime licenses

Memory cards with runtime license  

Memory cards with runtime license

The vast majority of our function blocks can be used free of charge. Choose which function you want to integrate in your control system and download the corresponding function block from our homepage. You can then use the block for as long as you wish.

In particular, blocks with technology functions or for supporting specific protocols require runtime licenses in order to be used on controllers.

Runtime licenses are stored on memory cards, which are available as accessories for the controllers. If a block requires a license, the control program checks whether a license is present. If it is, the block can be used without any restrictions. If no license is present, the function blocks will work for six hours and will then be disabled.

Function blocks for programming with PC WORX EXPRESS

PC WORX EXPRESS development environment  

PC WORX EXPRESS development environment

You can also use our wide range of function blocks for programming with PC WORX EXPRESS. The software development environment supports libraries that are created with PC Worx Version 6.0 or later. If a library is only available in an older version, it can be transferred using the PC WORX DEMO software and also used in PC WORX EXPRESS.


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