Energy and power measurement

Energy and power measurement

Energy costs at a glance

Reduce your energy costs by measuring energy flow, monitoring energy procurement, and logging energy data.

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Phoenix Contact offers professional products for energy and power measurement. Identify potential cost savings for the cost-effective and environmentally-sound operation of your machines and systems, thus creating the basis for energy management.

Your advantages

  • The fastest way to energy measurements, thanks to intuitively configurable measuring devices with the option of directly connecting Rogowski coils
  • Discover areas of optimization potential by monitoring and logging energy consumption with products for data logging
  • Safely disconnect and short-circuit current transformers with compact test disconnect terminal blocks for easy and tailored setup
  • React quickly to grid changes and transmit information on the grid status to the control center with intelligent local substations
  • Perform test processes in the field of grid protection technology for medium and high voltage switchgears automatically and safely with the time-saving modular plug-in test system

Acquire energy data and reduce costs

Greater energy efficiency, lower costs  

Greater energy efficiency, lower costs

Continuously recorded energy flow provides the basis for a target-oriented operational energy management system. Start your energy efficiency program and reduce your energy costs.

Advantages of energy data acquisition on machines and systems:

  • Reduce energy costs by identifying potential energy savings
  • Optimize system capacity through intelligent switching of system parts, uniform network load, and reduced harmonics
  • Reduce peak loads with intelligent trend calculation and load management
  • Minimize system downtimes by continuously monitoring system parameters


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