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Uninterruptible power supply - QUINT4-UPS/1AC/1AC/500VA/USB - 1067327

QUINT UPS, IQ Technology, DIN rail mounting, USB (Modbus/RTU), input:120 V AC / 230 V AC, output:120 V AC / 230 V AC / 500 VA.

Uninterruptible power supply - QUINT4-UPS/1AC/1AC/1KVA - 2320283

Uninterruptible power supply with IQ technology for DIN rail mounting. Input: 120/230 V AC, output: 120/230 V AC/1 kVA. Provides information regarding the state of charge, remaining runtime, and service life of the rechargeable battery module at any time, thereby increasing system availability.

Uninterruptible power supply - QUINT-UPS/ 1AC/ 1AC/500VA - 2320270

Uninterruptible power supply with IQ technology 1AC/1AC/500 VA. For 120 V AC/230 V AC applications. Provides information regarding the charging state, remaining runtime, and service life of your rechargeable battery module at all times and thereby increases system availability.

3 Results


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