Devices plus fieldbus and network management software for diagnostics and configuration

Management software for diagnostics and configuration

Cost-effective production requires maximum availability. Software tools do not just enable you to commission your system quickly, they can also monitor it efficiently and diagnose errors reliably. We provide comprehensive solutions that enable you to efficiently use Ethernet, PROFINET, or INTERBUS networks in automation systems.

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Device and update management

The smarter automation components become and the more they communicate with remote (cloud) systems, for example, the more important it is to have up-to-date firmware for the individual components. Updates can be rolled out manually or automatically – and across manufacturers – with OPC UA-based device and update management. This saves time and costs, and minimizes the risk of cyberattacks.

Why does device and update management provide you with greater security?

  • Security risks due to outdated firmware are ruled out at an early stage
  • Firmware from the manufacturer is provided automatically and
    enables easy automation of updates
  • Easy inventory of hardware and firmware data
    (software/firmware status of all devices at a glance)
  • Create, distribute, and manage secure OPC UA server certificates
  • End-to-end REST API for easy integration in existing systems

Device and update management is the basis for optimum cybersecurity in companies.

Arno Fast - Phoenix Contact, Product Manager
Arno Fast, Phoenix Contact
Device and update management topology

Unified device and update management

Device and update management visualization

Integration options

Device and update management can also be executed as follows:

  • As a software app via the PLCnext Store
  • As a container-based solution in IT
  • As a Windows solution for the PC