Universal tools

Universal tools

The universal tools from the UNIFOX product range offer a wide variety of tools for different applications: from universal tools, which combine several functions, and cable tie tools to cable duct cutters – we offer a whole host of applications.

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Your advantages

  • Durable due to specially hardened and tempered gripping and cutting areas
  • Minimum effort due to optimum leverage
  • Low-impact and low-fatigue due to ergonomic handle designs
  • Everything from a single source with the comprehensive product range
Tools for installing or removing HEAVYCON contacts

Installation and removal tool

Installation and removal tools

You will find the right installation and removal tool for every crimp contact. The tools for installing or removing HEAVYCON contacts are versatile in application and durable.

In the event of assembly errors or changes to the wiring, a snapped-in contact may have to be removed. Use our removal tools for this.

Use installation tools for small conductor cross-sections. They are used to insert the crimp contact securely into the contact insert.

The fall protection system integrated into the handle can be moved. The fall protection system reliably protects the mating face of the tools during transport and storage.

VDE-insulated universal pliers combine various functions

Combination and needle-nose pliers

VDE-insulated universal pliers

Choose VDE-insulated universal pliers from Phoenix Contact for various applications. Benefit from combined functions.

Combination pliers

  • Straight or ergonomically angled design
  • Spring reset
  • Toothed gripping surfaces
  • Integrated cutter

Needle-nose pliers

  • Straight and 45° angled tip
  • Notched gripping surface and induction-hardened blade

Flat-nose, round-nose, and water pump pliers

  • Notched gripping surface
  • Forged and oil-hardened die
UNIFOX cable tie pliers being used to process plastic and metal cable ties

UNIFOX cable tie pliers

Cable tie pliers

Bundle and fasten conductors and cables: With the UNIFOX cable tie pliers from Phoenix Contact, you can process plastic and metal cable ties quickly and conveniently.

In addition:

  • The tension force is infinitely adjustable and is indicated by a scale in the handle area. When the desired tension force is reached, the remainder is automatically severed for a flush finish.
  • In addition to the tools, plastic and metal cable ties are also available.