Customer-specific electronics housings

Customer-specific electronics housings

Our range of housing and connection technology solutions includes many options for designing state-of-the-art devices. Configure solutions for your individual application using the configurator for electronics housings. From color versions, through printing and processing, right through to customer-specific variations, almost anything is possible – even completely new product developments.

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Your advantages

  • Customized products for the optimum realization of your application
  • Professional clamping technology for the highest accuracy during implementation
  • Developing your customized housing color maximizes brand recognition value
  • Individual printing of housings or housing parts in accordance with your specifications
  • Free samples for the qualification of your tailored housing solution

From the idea to the tailored housing solution Find out more about how to customize an electronics housing to meet your needs.

Interactive image map: Customized electronic housings of the ICS series
Customized printing and marking
Print your device with different marking and printing methods.
Customized printing and marking
Color versions
In addition to the standard color, you can design your housing completely or in part with color versions.
 Color versions
Mechanical processing
Cutouts can be made on any side of the housing using a milling machine.
Mechanical processing
Integration of accessories
Integrate displays and keypads from the standard portfolio via plug-and-play into your desired housing.
Integration of accessories
Code the connection technology for quick and safe assembly.
Mechanical adjustments of electronic housings

Mechanical adjustments of electronic housings

Benefit from our extensive service portfolio. We provide a wide range of processes for the cost-effective implementation of your housing version. They range from mechanical machining with milling machines, through tool inserts in the existing original mold, all the way to the individual design of individual housing components.

Housing printing via pad printing

Design adjustments of electronic housings

From color versions, through printing and marking, to the tailored design of a membrane keypad, we provide you with a wide range of options for customizing your application.

Electronics housing color versions

Overview of the color versions

Tailor your application with the matching color version for your housing. Qualification of each new color version is made in the original tool.

The right printing for your application

Find out about the printing versions for your application.

Pad printing
Screen printing
Laser marking
Pad printing

Screen printing

Laser marking

Advantages Cost-effective functional printing Brilliant colors Abrasion resistant, continuous coding
Number of possible colors One to two color Multi-colored One color (color change)
Areas of application Texts and logos Large area or multicolor prints Texts and logos, barcodes, QR codes, and data matrix codes, as well as serial numbers
Configurator for electronics housings on a tablet

Tailored electronics housings via the configurator

Use our configurator to quickly and easily assemble your own electronics housing online. Select the desired housing series, the corresponding lower part, and the cover. Add the appropriate connection technology and the process is complete. In addition, you can integrate operating elements such as membrane keypads and displays for the ICS, ME-IO, and UCS series and test your application with regard to thermal properties.

Housing development with interactive model

Customer-specific new developments

Do you have specific requirements and need a new product tailored to your preferences? With our expertise in development, production, and quality assurance, we will support you throughout the implementation process. We will provide you with all the required services for your new product. This includes, for example:

  • Connection technology in your preferred design
  • Development, qualification, and certification from a single source
  • Simultaneous engineering of items and production
  • Early delivery of prototypes
  • Full support from startup to discontinuation
Phoenix Contact employee with a thermal simulation on a monitor

Passive heatsinks and thermal simulations for ICS series electronics housings

Miniaturization brings with it ever-higher packing densities in electronics. This, in turn, requires efficient cooling. Heat dissipation in electronics housings is provided by individual heatsinks, as is the case with the ICS series DIN rail housing. These allow the ICS housings to be used in thermally demanding applications. As a device manufacturer, do you need thermal simulations to support you in designing the PCB layout? Contact us for more information.

Overview of the electronics housings portfolio
Discover housings for the DIN rail and outdoor use and learn how flexibly you can adapt electronics housings to your individual needs.
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DIN rail housings and field housings
Electronics housings of the ME MAX series

Technical principles of electronics housings Solutions for DIN rail applications

Electronics housings are an elementary part of a device. They determine its appearance and protect the electronics from external influences. In addition, they enable assembly in superordinate units. Device manufacturers must therefore pay attention to many details, and not only in the design, but also in the choice of housing when it comes to materials and quality testing. This brochure provides you with all the details.