Automation and communication technology for railway infrastructure

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Automation and communication components for signal technology
Controllers for diagnostics and maintenance tasks

Controllers for diagnostics and maintenance tasks

To keep the security-relevant control system computer independent and free from the stress of additional tasks, separate, non-secure controllers and I/O modules are typically used for diagnostics and maintenance tasks. They are subject to a series of stringent requirements, including high availability and EMC immunity. Further, an extended temperature range and coated PCBs may be necessary if the components are used in control boxes located outdoors. The Axioline I/O system is ideal for these requirements. It meets the stringent EMC and environmental requirements. PLCnext Control devices are based on an open platform, and can therefore be programmed in IEC 61131-3 and high-level language.

Switch for the railway industry

Switches for Industrial Ethernet

The controllers used for diagnostics and maintenance purposes are networked via their own data network, which is operated separately from the security-relevant communication infrastructure. The requirements for availability, EMC, and environmental conditions are comparable to those for control technology. Whether Managed or Unmanaged Switches with FO or copper connection – we have the right solution.

mGuard security routers

mGuard technology Security for networks

Due to the increased networking of control and automation systems with the Internet, networks are exposed to more and more cyber attacks. This means that security requirements are becoming increasingly important. With our mGuard technology, we offer a security solution that you can easily integrate into your systems. Our mGuard security routers are the backbone of our system. They provide special firewall functions. In addition, the mGuard Secure Cloud provides you with a system for easy, secure remote maintenance.

FO media converters

FO media converters

FO technology is particularly suitable for communication in signal technology, since it ensures maximum transmission distance at high data rates. Simply use our FO media converter to integrate its copper-bound interfaces into fiber optics data networks. For monitoring, you use a floating switch contact that reports reduced optical transmission quality.