Measuring, disconnecting, and grounding signal cables

Example application: System availability in railway infrastructure

Signal cables for signal boxes

Testing, disconnecting, and grounding signal cables at signal boxes

In railway infrastructure, cable end racks are the transfer point from the signal boxes to the outdoor system. Each signal cable is connected to terminal blocks there. Alongside secure electrical connections that are available long-term, various measuring and switching tasks are realized on signal cables and outdoor signal technology elements: Disconnecting, grounding, and measuring power, resistance, and isolation.

Such measurements at signal cables are used to localize connection errors or damage that significantly reduces system availability. To identify errors quickly and accurately, the signal cable is separated and tested in subsections. Because the signal circuit must be opened to do this, disconnect terminal blocks are the established solution for this task. For terminal blocks that are installed in outdoor systems in particular (connection and distributor boxes, outdoor elements), disconnect points with poor contact quality lead to unnecessary sources of error in the system and troubleshooting with no end in sight.

To ensure durable and low-resistance contact quality for the long term, Phoenix Contact terminal block disconnect points are very robust and have a high-quality design. These test-disconnect terminal blocks allow signal circuits to open without disconnecting the signal line. Test point are integrated into the terminal blocks and, in conjunction with an extensive test adapter accessory range, they ensure that measuring devices contact reliably.

Connection technology for railway infrastructure

Connection technology for railway infrastructure

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