Retrofitting electromechanical installations inside signal boxes

Example application: Modernization of railway infrastructure systems

Safely modernizing existing signal box systems

Safely modernizing existing signal box systems

New signal boxes are built as electronic signal boxes. However, conventional relay signal boxes exist in parallel and must be modernized in order to remain in operation. When existing systems must be modernized, the challenge is to connect old technologies with new technologies. Rewiring and new wiring are time-consuming and harbor potential for error. Electromechanical connection technology must be modified.

Phoenix Contact provides a variety of products and solutions that will support you in modernizing your existing systems.
To allow “overnight” conversion, for example, Phoenix Contact offers the system cabling wiring concept. System cabling involves preassembled system cables for quick, error-free, and uniform wiring.

Marshalling patchboards are also suitable for modernizing existing systems, since their compact design facilitates high signal density in small spaces. The modular structure, which can be configured to the precise number of positions and features color matrix elements, ensures space-saving, clear, and error-free wiring.

If 3D prototypes or small series starting from a batch size of 1 are required, PROTIQ, a Phoenix Contact Company, can supply components made of various metals and plastics made by additive manufacturing (3D printing).