Retrofitting lightning protection in signal box control cabinets

Example application: Modernization of railway infrastructure systems

CLIXTRAB in control cabinets

CLIXTRAB can be integrated into existing control cabinets

When relay signal boxes are converted into electronic signal boxes, a large amount of sensitive electronic devices are integrated into the system technology. They must be protected against environmental influences such as transient overvoltages. This is why, in the wake of modernization, surge protective devices must be retrofitted as lightning protection.

If operators would like to use existing control cabinets in this context, they soon come up against their limits. Often, there is not enough room in the control cabinet for lightning protection. In outdoor control cabinets in particular, space is simply too limited, and replacing control cabinets involves extremely complex work.

Phoenix Contact offers lightning protection that only takes up the same amount of installation space as a conventional terminal block and does not require any additional space.

Lightning and surge protection for railway infrastructure

Lightning and surge protection for railway infrastructure

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