Protecting data communication against unauthorized access

Example application: Safe railway operation

System networks in signal technology that are protected against unauthorized access

Protecting system networks in signal technology against unauthorized access

As digitalization progresses, more and more communication and data networks are being set up for railway infrastructure. Although they are used for remote diagnostics or monitoring energy and systems and not in the vital area of control command and signaling technology, the networks must still be protected against unauthorized access. After all, these systems are also essential both for smooth railway operation and for accessing vital systems through secondary systems.

The increasing decentralization of system architecture makes it even more difficult to reliably protect them. Data networks are extensively branched – even up to outdoor systems – and not every system component that is integrated into the network can be secured against unauthorized access on site.

Security routers from Phoenix Contact are the security backbone of your infrastructure, and provide the necessary protection against unauthorized access – both centralized and decentralized.

Automation and communication technology

Automation and communication technology for railway infrastructure

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