High-tech production line at Grenzebach Maschinenbau GmbH

Easy wiring of high-tech production lines

In the central control cabinet manufacturing plant of the high-tech machine building company Grenzebach Maschinenbau GmbH in Hamlar, Bavaria, around 60 skilled workers produce the equivalent to over 1000 meters of switching devices a year. Grenzebach's production lines are in use all over the world – short throughput times and rapid startup on site are some of the keys to its success. The company relies on space-saving and time-saving terminal blocks with Push-in technology.

High-tech production line with Push-in terminal blocks in the foreground

High-tech systems

With its comprehensive handling, processing, and automation technology concepts, Grenzebach is one of the world's leading companies in this sector. This manufacturer has over 1,500 employees and supplies small-to-medium companies with complete systems, including complex controllers. The systems are used to manufacture and process sheet glass, drywall, and insulating boards and to produce thin-layer photovoltaic modules. Display glass for the entertainment industry, from cell phones to screens, is produced under cleanroom conditions. High-tech solutions from Grenzebach are used throughout the world wherever high demands are made of automation and material flow control.

Flat glass machining line of Grenzebach Maschinenbau GmbH

Extensive standardization of switching devices

Short throughput times in production and fast commissioning of the systems at the end customer require extensive standardization of the switching devices. The overall system is therefore divided into modular functional units. On a flat glass machining line, for example, a standardized cutting equipment control cabinet for the particular cutting process is flanged to the main control cabinet for each of these units.

To wire the control cabinets easily and reliably, we use the advantages of Push-in terminal blocks. Even the smallest conductors with ferrules can be easily inserted into the clamping space without special tools, which saves a lot of time during wiring.

Michael Biller - Grenzebach Maschinenbau GmbH, Foreman and team leader in control cabinet manufacturing
Michael Biller, foreman and team leader in control cabinet manufacturing
Double-level terminal blocks with Push-in connection technology

Fast and error-free wiring due to Push-in connection technology

The special spring contour of the Push-in terminal blocks reduces conductor insertion forces by 50% and allows direct and spring-loaded plug-in of conductors that are 0.34 mm² or higher. In the event of simultaneously high conductor pull-out forces, the connection remains secure, gas-tight, and vibration resistant. The orange push button protects the terminal points from damage in the event of incorrect operation, for example, if the wrong tool is used. On the construction site, the control cabinet is also connected to the system more quickly and safely. The push button prevents an incorrect insertion of the conductors.
The Push-in terminal blocks up to 16 mm² are an integral component of the CLIPLINE complete system. As a result, all product families use the same range of accessories – such as plug-in bridges, test accessories, and marking.

Since the systems from Grenzebach are used worldwide, UL approval as well as vibration and shock resistance of the terminal blocks play an important role. Biller: "When the systems are transported to the construction site, shock and vibration loads often occur. Despite this, all contact points must operate perfectly."

The Push-in terminal blocks are designed for use in all markets and industries in accordance with DIN EN 60947-7. In addition to approvals for the US market in accordance with UL and CUL/CSA standards, industry-specific approvals for the transportation technology, shipbuilding and the process industry according to IECEx are also available.