Availability Guarantee Phoenix Contact offers “Availability Guarantee” for a range of products to meet your project needs, all ready for dispatch at a moment’s notice. We are your project partners – we help you build effective and efficient systems fast by providing you your products right when you need them. Our most in-demand products are guaranteed to be always in stock and ready for delivery from our availability stock list

Availability Guarantee

Availability Guarantee Terms and Conditions

Phoenix Contact ensures that eligible products will be available at the time of order. In the unlikely event that a guaranteed stock item is unavailable in the required quantity, you will be notified via phone or email within 24 hours.
In such cases, Phoenix Contact offers two options:
• On-the-spot 100% refund: If the item is unavailable, you can receive an immediate refund.
• 10% discount: Alternatively, if you are willing to wait for the item, Phoenix Contact will offer you a 10% discount on that item in the order.

This commitment to availability guarantee ensures that your project needs are met promptly and efficiently. Whether you’re building effective systems or working on critical projects, Phoenix Contact has you covered with readily available products.