Asset monitoring for the process industry

Do you have permanent access to all relevant information for optimizing your processing plants? And is it possible to react quickly to malfunctions or failures of your assets and plant components?

Monitoring brownfield systems is becoming increasingly important. Discover how to increase the availability of your existing system and reduce maintenance in our white paper.

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Two men in a control room monitoring process equipment

Connectivity for intelligent observation and monitoring solutions

Whether operating data, energy levels, or alerts – we will create an optimum concept for the acquisition and transmission of your field data and making data available exactly where it is needed.

Transparent system overview in the control room

Benefit from a transparent system overview for an accurate image of processes, maintenance requirements, and unnoticed efficiency losses.

Use process data intelligently

Processing plant operators face the challenge of realizing optimal maintenance with as few resources as possible. They must also satisfy increasingly complex functional and energy requirements and standards while lowering their operational costs. The key to success is gradual digitalization. Acquiring and transmitting the field data required for digitalization is a complex task and must not negatively impact operational safety.

With our open, secure, and scalable connection and communication solutions, you can utilize the existing process data from the field for an efficient system operation.

Field connectivity in a processing plant

Your advantages

  • Low-cost implementation of use cases with open, scalable solutions
  • Consistent solution approaches from data acquisition through to the target with system-independent communication technology
  • Use of value-added services on IoT platforms with the development of field connectivity from OT to IT
  • Future-proof system with many years of industry experience and involvement in the development of future-oriented standards such as NAMUR Open Architecture (NOA)
White paper
Monitoring brownfield systems
Read about example monitoring solutions for reducing downtimes or for reducing maintenance work among other applications in our white paper. Furthermore, learn more about how the identification of plant equipment with RFID transponders in a wireless network can simplify maintenance tasks. In addition, you will gain an insight and outlook on the NAMUR Open Architecture (NOA).
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Preview of the Monitoring brownfield systems white paper

Field connectivity between OT and IT

To ensure seamless OT and IT interaction, we convert fieldbus protocols and I/O data into IT-compliant syntax. This data can then be used for additional services such as predictive maintenance, the creation of a digital twin, or for sustainable process optimization.

Visualization of the continuous data flow in a process industry plant

With a seamless interaction between the OT and IT levels, you can increase the productivity and availability of your production systems.

Consistent data flow between OT and IT

Since production plants vary with regard to runtime, the level of automation, and electrification, individual concepts are required for data acquisition and data transport.

Whether HART, PROFIBUS, Modbus, PROFINET, OPC UA, via cable or wirelessly: With our wide range of communication solutions, we will work with you to create the right concept for easily reading, transmitting, and providing the necessary field data.

Analog and digital processing plant
OT-IT Bridge solution from KROHNE, Software AG, and Phoenix Contact YouTube

Gains in efficiency and security

Modern architecture concepts such as NAMUR Open Architecture and professional OT-IT integration provide the common basis for implementing Industry 4.0 projects across departments as well as the high requirements on data security. OT-IT integration is the basis for the efficient digitalization of processing plants. It helps to expand the industry’s competitiveness in the face of international competition.

With the OT-IT Bridge solution from KROHNE, Software AG, and Phoenix Contact, you can securely transfer data from the field level through to IT without affecting process control.

Example use cases in the process industry

Learn about examples of our monitoring solutions for increasing personnel and plant safety, for avoiding failures, and for implementing environmental and energy efficiency requirements.

Digitalization opens up new monitoring approaches

There are a large number of intelligent fieldbus-capable and HART-enabled measuring devices in processing plants that are generating increasingly more data. This data is practically inaccessible to the user in the classic automation pyramid. NAMUR Open Architecture makes this data available and thus generates added value for the process industry through digitalization.

NAMUR Open Architecture (NOA) Integration of new monitoring concepts with NOA

Automation pyramid extended with NAMUR Open Architecture (NOA)
Automation pyramid extended with NAMUR Open Architecture (NOA)
Topological structure for the realization of the NOA concept
Automation pyramid extended with NAMUR Open Architecture (NOA)

The integration of new monitoring concepts, for example predictive maintenance, requires increased performance. Many control systems do not have the required level of performance because they have often been in operation for years or even decades. To enable sufficient monitoring of assets and devices such as pumps, the classical structure of the automation pyramid requires an enormous engineering effort.

NAMUR has developed the NAMUR Open Architecture digital solution, NOA for short, for this purpose. New and simpler monitoring approaches are possible via the use of a second communication channel.

Automation pyramid extended with NAMUR Open Architecture (NOA)

With the second channel to the cloud, you can use process data from the automation pyramid simply and securely for plant and device monitoring and for optimizing the plant. The ongoing production process is not affected.

This provides access to all the data acquired from the devices and infrastructure. You will gain a deeper insight and a higher degree of plant openness.

Topological structure for the realization of the NOA concept

Via NOA side channel, our PLCnext Technology ecosystem makes it possible to implement a simple, standardized data connection via the up-to-date and secure OPC UA interface without great engineering effort.

Use the data in a cloud such as Proficloud from Phoenix Contact, Azure from Microsoft, or others for big data, asset monitoring, field device monitoring, preventive maintenance, and for process optimization.

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Presentation of the NAMUR Open Architecture concept
NOA – Mastering the complexity of connectivity YouTube

NOA made simple

Learn more about the benefits and the NAMUR Open Architecture concept in this video from ZVEI and NAMUR.

For more information on NOA and NAMUR Recommendation 175, visit the NAMUR website:

Expert discussion on NAMUR Open Architecture

In the expert discussion during the Phoenix Contact Dialog Days Process Automation Edition, the added value, current status, and an outlook on NOA technology will be discussed using the IDEA plant in Frankfurt Höchst as an example.

Taking part will be Michael Pelz, Vice President NAMUR, Timo Himmelsbach, NAMUR Working Group 2.8 “Automation Architectures” Leader, Ronny Becker from Bilfinger Engineering & Maintenance GmbH, and Wilfried Grote from Phoenix Contact. The talk will be moderated by Thomas Tauchnitz from TAUTOMATION.CONSULTING.

Efficiency from the prototype through to the scalable solution

You can implement the monitoring solutions as a demonstration to prove that they are efficient in operation. From there, the concepts can be scaled and rolled out to the entire operation or even across sites.

Motor in a process industry plant

Individual solution concepts

Scalability creates flexibility and reduces complexity as well as the budget in the introductory phase. Depending on experience in the pilot phase, you can adapt the concept for the subsequent phase.

We will be happy to assist you from concept development and construction of a prototype or proof of concept to scalable rollout and gradual expansion of your use cases.


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