Removal of suspended matter

Removal of suspended matter

Energy-efficient systems

Acquire relevant measured values and control the dosing unit depending on the flow rate.

When purifying water, sand filters are used in order to filter out turbidity and to protect the subsequent activated carbon filter. The colloids and suspended particles contained in the water are bound by adding doses of flocculants and can then be filtered.

Using solutions from Phoenix Contact, you can control the dosing unit depending on the water flow rate and acquire all relevant measured values, such as the turbidity values.

Your advantages

  • Energy costs are reduced by identifying potential savings, thanks to modular energy data acquisition
  • Optimize system utilization, thanks to intelligent switching of system parts
  • Reduce peak loads, thanks to forward-looking trend calculation

Modular control of filtration stages

Rotary drum system  

Reliable control of filtration

The first surface water treatment stage takes place in a rotary drum system.

Class 300 modular control technology enables reliable control of filtration, based on the measured values acquired via a wide range of standard interfaces.

Modular energy data acquisition

Control cabinet with components for energy data acquisition  

Acquiring energy data with modular power measurement terminal

In the agglomeration, the size of flocculation is controlled by applying energy. This is achieved via speed control.

Monitoring the energy applied to the motors provides an opportunity for energy optimization. Acquire energy data with the modular Inline power measurement terminal.

Flexible Ethernet networks

Open filtration stage  

Easy integration of control via PROFINET

The open filtration stage operates according to the overflow principle, as the retention time of the water has a considerable influence on the purification performance.

Easily integrate the safe control of the valves and drive technology into your network via PROFINET.

Energy-optimized operation of agglomeration

Thanks to the energy-efficient control of the agglomeration, significant cost savings are achieved. Monitor the energy supply and control the speed of the stirrer, making the best possible use of energy.

Energy data is acquired by means of this control using a modular power measurement terminal and the data is transmitted to the control room. The modular power measurement terminal measures AC currents up to 5 A, including neutral conductor current and phase-to-phase voltages up to 400 V AC.

Topology: energy-optimized operation of agglomeration

Identify potential savings by acquiring energy data using the modular power measurement terminal

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